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Here's a list of all the tactics and techniques I have found to attract women: The following are the methods that work for me. If you don't have any of these techniques, they probably won't work for you. I can't guarantee it, and you should probably take your own advice on that. I have tried all of these and find some work well for me and some don't. Feel free to share your experiences. I am happy to share my own. (This is a long list and I don't recommend you follow every single rule)

Get your friends and relatives to ask about you. Ask how much time you have for each other. When you have your time, ask for dates and when you have enough time, ask for a date. Don't be shy. I've been approached by men, in uniform, that said american single girls they would come over to see me but when they saw me in uniform they were turned away. Ask if the guy/girl who came over is your type and what kind of person they are.

Don't be a pussy. Don't ask girls out. Don't make up games and then try to impress girls. When I was in the military, I would come home on Fridays and get home on Saturdays. I was there all the time. My friend in the military called me a "toy" every time he came home. I have seen guys get on girls like that and be "nice". A good friend of mine (a member of the US Military) and I were just hanging out, playing cards and talking, and a girl comes up to me. He was talking to another guy. She said "I'm glad you're a good friend of mine" and I turned to my friend and said "So what about her? She's a really nice girl". She was shocked and asked "Really? Why does she call me a 'toy'?". I told her that it was because she called me "the guy who gives her the best blowjob" and it always made me feel special. She said she wasn't sure how she knew that and asked "I don't think your friends are like that." What the fuck does that mean? The next time I had a girl call chatroom irani me a 'toy' I had my friend take her out for a drink. We had to make an attempt at a date, she was really drunk so we didn't go because she said she didn't want to date someone who didn't drink. She kept on coming over to my house, I kept drinking, and she would come over again and again. So I gave up and asked having a boyfriend in the army her how she wanted to meet someone. She said "I don't want to be alone with you. Why do you want to be with someone you don't know?" So tattooed guys I told her I don't know how she knew about my friend. She then said I don't have sex with boys. How does that make you feel? Do you feel embarrassed, or does it make you feel like a victim? I don't think you have to be a victim to have a problem. You are not a victim unless you are willing to stand by and let single chat online someone else get hurt in your name. The person she was talking to is the same guy she's dated for a couple of years now. I can see he's not exactly the same guy that I used to date. He seems less mature. He doesn't seem like he has a strong sense of self. It seems like he's not interested in having a relationship, or even a friendship. I'm really not sure what to say. Do I have to tell him to stop texting me? Maybe if I can help him find a woman he likes who doesn't have this kind of attitude, then prison pen pals georgia maybe I can work with him to try to understand his perspective?


If this guy has been in the military, is there a reason we should give him a pass on these feelings? I know the military is a pretty toxic place. I was there and have seen guys struggle with this stuff. But maybe we can take it into consideration for a moment? If he's not going to give up on a relationship after three months and we have to wait to see if he can break up with the girl, I don't see a lot of other options. So if we can talk to him about this, is there anything I can do?

To be clear, this is not a problem that I have personally witnessed. When I have been in military, the girls I have dated were either not good-looking, very thin or the most attractive women I have dated have had terrible bodies and bad attitudes. But I know that many guys in military have this, and I'm not saying that we should give them a pass or let them get away with it. I'm saying there are certain things I would like to talk to him about.


One of the things I would really like to discuss is the mindset that has become a norm in our culture. It was always in my mind, and still is, that if we dated a guy we didn't really like, it was our fault and we needed to fix it, or we needed to stop dating him because he was not the guy we thought he was.