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For a good read on how the internet helped the Afghan National Army fight the Taliban in their fight against the Northern Alliance, click here.

To learn more about the Afghanistan National Army, go here.

To read about how an Islamic fundamentalist terror group, Boko Haram, has terrorized Nigeria's northern areas, go here. The Islamic State's new Islamic State magazine, Dabiq, contains numerous articles on how the group intends to attack both the West and the "infidel" countries of the Muslim world. To read these articles, click here. Dabiq is the Islamic State's most successful magazine and it was published by the extremist organization's propaganda arm, Dabiq Media. To read Dabiq's most recent issues, click here. In May 2014, the Islamic State published a message urging Muslims around the world to take part tattooed guys in the mass killings, terrorist attacks and other atrocities committed by the Islamic State. In the message, published on Dabiq Media, the terrorist organization stated that: "the Islamic State will make no distinction between people, whether they are Arabs, Chechens, Kurds, or other Muslims. No Muslims will be excluded from carrying out these [Islamic] war crimes and crimes against humanity." To read the message, click here. In April 2015, the Islamic State began publishing a weekly newsletter that contained a new issue, a new cartoon, and a new issue of Dabiq, one of the two most well-known Islamist publications in the world, according to a New York Times report. The Islamic State distributed copies of its weekly magazine to Muslims in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa, including Syria, as well as to Muslim fighters in Iraq and Syria. To read the new issues of Dabiq and Islamic State, click here. Dabiq's new issue included a series of cartoons that mocked the Prophet Mohammad, the Prophet's wives and a number of Islamic religious figures, including the Muslim caliph. The New York Times noted: "The cartoons were also meant to invoke a sense thailand cupid dating of rage among the American public, who were used to seeing caricatures of President Obama and other American leaders in the United States. Yet the publication, which was distributed in Dabiq's Arabic-language section, was considered extremely provocative by many Muslims, who said the Prophet Mohammad, as portrayed in the cartoons, was no different than the Christian and Jewish holy book." This was not the first time Islamic State had published cartoons of the prophet. In June 2013, Islamic State published a Dabiq issue that showed the Prophet with a big head and a beard. The following month, Islamic State published another issue that depicted the prophet with a beard, the head of a lion and the inscription "There is no god but Allah." In both issues, Islamic State had used cartoon images that many Muslims considered offensive. The Prophet Muhammad has been portrayed in many cartoons as a monkey, a pig, a donkey, a snake and a bear. The latest cartoons were published in Dabiq in August 2014, and in March 2015 Islamic State released three more cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a variety of positions, including kneeling in prayer. (AP)

But now, the cartoons have gotten worse.

And yet, the media are still reporting that the "Muslim" terrorist attack in Garland, TX is somehow related to the fact that Islamic terrorists want to destroy America.

For example, the New York Times reported:

"Islamic extremists in Europe, Asia and North America have begun a campaign of violence against Westerners, with no end in sight," The New York Times wrote. And they added: "It was the latest act of aggression against having a boyfriend in the army Western targets that have led President Obama to announce Monday that American troops will stay on their soil. The American military presence in Afghanistan, in place since 2001, will end, and the wars in Iraq and Syria will end. But the military commitment that has been in place for years, and remains the bedrock of American foreign policy, is not likely to end. "The United States will leave an enormous military footprint in the Middle East, from Yemen to the Gulf to Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. In doing so, it will create a vast new American security and military presence for the first time since World War II. "But the United States will keep its own. The presence of the American military will be the same as it has been since 1945, with few changes, but with a number of smaller additions to its presence. "The new American presence will be called Operation New Dawn, and the old one single chat online Operation Enduring Freedom." "The American military presence in Afghanistan will end and will be replaced by a new one that will remain in place for the foreseeable future." "So we are not just leaving Afghanistan, we are transforming it." "The end of the prison pen pals georgia war in Afghanistan is not a surprise to us, but it will not american single girls be a surprise to our enemies, either. We have decided long ago to leave Afghanistan, and we have left an immense military footprint in it. "The United States will leave an enormous military footprint in the Middle East, from Yemen to the Gulf to Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. In doing so, it will have to take a tremendous amount of risks, which in turn will be difficult for American troops to deal with. "We will send a small number of Americans to Iraq, where the risk of being ambushed chatroom irani and killed has been relatively small. There, we have already sent hundreds of special forces personnel." "There are other things we are leaving behind, some of which will be very hard to replace. Among those things, there is nothing else on which we can lay claim as part of a lasting peace and security in Afghanistan. There is no such thing as a viable political, economic or social settlement in Afghanistan.