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The Story

When I was a kid, my mom and dad would often take me to these "secret" military bases that my dad's brothers were stationed in. It would be an amazing way to spend an afternoon that I really enjoyed with my dad.

One day we got to the military base in Mombasa, my mom, dad, and brother and sister all prison pen pals georgia got off the bus and were standing right next to each other. My mom said "You are so cute, how old are you?" They both turned to me and looked at me and said "20," so I just burst out laughing. "Oh, thank you for telling us ," my dad said. "Oh, don't mention it," he said. "They single chat online are all pretty scary people," my mom said to him.

My dad is really tall, and is so handsome, I thought about telling him that. I felt embarrassed and I felt bad because it was my first kiss, but he said that he didn't mind, and he said he would take me home, which was just fine with me. He said that I needed a new boyfriend, so he came home.

"I will marry you, my love," he said. The first thing that he did was to go to his room and kiss me, and I was so happy, and I hugged him like crazy. But I was still a little worried because my first kiss is tattooed guys so special. My dad was really big and he really grabbed my hand and hugged me a lot, which was really nice, I mean, my dad is big. But my mom is pretty, and that was even better. He told me about this beautiful young woman he met. She was super cute and really sweet, and she was always talking about love, and thailand cupid dating my dad always said, "I know, you are special. Do you want to get married?" And I was like, "Of course!" But my parents weren't really interested in it, and my dad was always like, "Oh, my, my, my. You are really special, and I'm sorry, I love you." And I didn't really know what to say, so I just had to just keep it going, you know? So I went with him to the mall and we bought some flowers. I still remember the smell of flowers. And we went to the food court and we got a big table, and it was like three tables with a glass table in front of us. And I saw my mom get american single girls this huge bouquet of flowers and she was so excited because she's such a big fan of flowers. I said, "Mom, my mom is really excited!" And I had to chatroom irani take off my shirt to show her, so I did. It was the greatest moment of my life. And then we ordered our food and we sat down, and having a boyfriend in the army we did not talk for a few minutes. And that was when I knew we were good.


AVC: Was the whole thing a lie? Because you had to tell her you were good.

SJ: Well, there's no other way of putting it. We made it up. I mean, it was all about the food. We were going to do a little tasting and she wanted to talk about the music. She didn't know anything about it. That's how we started the conversation. I remember talking about a time I was on a bus in Germany. My friend was like "hey, we got to see this place in Germany called 'The Jungle'." I was like "oh, okay, I'll look around a little." We ended up in the back of a bus with like 200 other people. We went in the middle of the night and I was just like "I wonder what is in there." It had a bunch of mushrooms, it had all these crazy-looking things in it, you know, you know, like a little bottle and a bunch of different things. I don't know how much, but I think it was probably like 30 grams. It was just weird, you know. It was kind of fun to think that there was mushrooms in there, but then we got to the point where we were just kind of trying to get lost, you know. We were kind of just kind of out of our depth for a while, trying to figure this place out. And then, the next day, I go to look on my phone and I go "I wonder if this place is going to be ok?" And it was. I didn't feel like it was any worse, but it was just not fun. But it was really cool, so that's what I was going with, you know? It was fun and I did get to meet a lot of nice people, so it was very cool. It was interesting.

When you got out of the military, your first job was in the real estate department, where you took care of people who wanted to buy real estate. It's not exactly a job with a lot of security, but it was a good way to make some extra cash. That's how it looked from a certain point of view, if you had been a guy or a girl, you were really in a good place. You had the freedom to travel and work wherever you wanted and you had your own house. You had your own little apartment with the right amount of privacy for you to do your own thing, which was great, but it also meant that you were really dependent on the people around you. You have friends you can work out and have a conversation with. It's not like you were in a position where you could run off and live somewhere else. The people who were around you were your friends. It wasn't like a prison.