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amry men

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Myrtle Woods, who married a Navy mate in the middle of the Vietnam War, described herself as "an unrepentant 'girl.' "

That's right, the military is a girl's world. It's no surprise to find out that the military is home to a ton of women dating their fellow service members.

The Navy's Navy Day was on Feb. 17 and many people came out to celebrate the tradition of men and women having sex in the same place.

At the end of the day, the sailors were given a gift box containing a bottle of vodka, which they were to give to their wives. Some of the more adventurous couples decided to head to the beach and have some fun! The Marines have a unique Navy Day tradition of having men and women dress up as different Navy uniforms and then having them pose in the presence of the flag. The Navy has the following rules: 1. Do not wear your uniform unless you're an officer. 2. You may not dress up in anything that is deemed "indecent" by the military or the government. 3. The Navy reserves the right to cancel any event that does not abide by the Navy's code of ethics. 4. The Navy is prohibited from having any kind of relationship with any other organization, group, or person. 5. While it is acceptable to be friendly towards the military, it is unacceptable to do so if you don't hold to Navy principles. 6. If your boyfriend/boyfriend is stationed in the United States, the Navy reserve the right to refuse to allow you to leave the ship without their permission. 7. All Navy employees are considered to be under the jurisdiction of the military. 8. If you are found to be engaging in any form of sexual activity while in uniform, you will be subject to the punishments imposed by your superiors. 9. In order to participate in recreational activities on a ship or in any other area of the ship you must present your Military Identification Card. 10. If you engage in any type of behavior that could result in a violation of Navy regulations, it is your responsibility to notify your commanding officer of this prison pen pals georgia behavior immediately. 11. You must be of legal age and have no criminal history to join the Navy. 12. You are entitled single chat online to a full refund for all expenses incurred to participate in any Naval activities. 13. Your presence on the ship as part of any recreational activities on the ship is strictly at your own risk. 14. Do not attempt to fly a plane into an aircraft carrier or any other aircraft carrier. 15. You are not permitted to possess or american single girls purchase alcoholic beverages or any type of liquor. 16. Any alcohol which is obtained from the United States will be confiscated upon landing and you will be fined in the amount of $50.00. 17. Smoking any form of tobacco will be strictly forbidden. 18. This includes electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and anything that looks chatroom irani like an electronic cigarette, such as hookahs, vaporizers, bongs, pipes, and other devices designed for the use of tobacco products. 19. This rule does not apply to people who are exempt from military service. 20. You are required to take the Oath of Enlistment if you are an Army veteran. 21. If you are discharged, you must enlist again. 22. You can not be charged or disciplined for missing duty without an official letter from the discharge office. 23. If you are under the age of 30, you cannot enlist in the military.

24. You have the right to thailand cupid dating enlist in any occupation that is legal for you, like a plumber or firefighter. 25. You have a right to be treated as if you were an adult for medical reasons and to be discharged at any time. 26. If you get pregnant, you cannot be punished tattooed guys for having an abortion. 27. Your spouse can go to jail for child support if he or she gets having a boyfriend in the army involved with a girl under the age of 16. 28. If a woman gets pregnant, she can be jailed for an additional 6 months. 29. Your child support can be reduced by 15% of your adjusted gross income if you have to pay child support, which is between $600 and $2500. 30. If a child support case can't be heard within 6 months, they're considered a "wet" case, meaning that no payments can be made. 31. You can't go back to school for a degree unless you were previously in school. 32. If you go to college, it can be a felony offense if you have a firearm or if you possess a firearm within a school, a courthouse, or a church. 33. You have to be 18 years old to buy or possess a handgun or any other weapon. 34. If you're ever arrested for domestic violence, you have to take your gun and ammunition with you to court. 35. You can't be charged with a misdemeanor for shooting your weapon, even if you're accidentally hit by one. 36. You can't have a concealed weapons permit. 37. When it comes to gun ownership, it is illegal to own two weapons in your home. 38. You have to pay to change a tire, even though the laws say you can't. 39. If you're on your own, you're not allowed to ride a bicycle. 40. There are many laws that require a license, but most of them don't apply to a horse. 41. You can't have a tattoo, even if it says "M.C.T." 42. If you are the husband of a female soldier, you are required to get married, and then take a year-long course on the proper way to raise a child in order to become a "real woman." 43. The only thing that will prevent you from being killed by a bomb is that the bomb is a female.