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Auntie May and Mrs. Smith

One night, Auntie May is taking Mrs. Smith out for dinner when she spots her in the kitchen, so she invites her to stay over at her house. The next day, Mrs. Smith has an affair with Mr. Smith's nephew. This isn't the best relationship Auntie May can have with Mrs. Smith, but as the two of them start to get on well, she becomes much closer to them and starts to consider them like a big family. One day, Mrs. Smith finds out that Mr. Smith's aunt, Auntie May, is cheating on Mr. Smith. The only problem is that the couple have a secret that she's not ready to tell him.

The other day, Mrs. Smith's aunt sends her to the home of her best friend, a retired Navy captain. Mr. Smith is happy to see his best friend again, but when she asks if he's looking for an apartment, he has to admit that he does need a bit of cash. Mrs. Smith's aunt, Miss Brown, and Mr. Smith are friends from the navy. They haven't seen each other in a while, but she's got him back to the apartment for a dinner and drinks. A former classmate of Smith's and the best man at his wedding, Bill "Pete" Tipton has been trying to get to know Smith for years. His mother is a bit of an amateur historian, though, and her book contains the first description of Smith and Tipton ever seen.

Smith doesn't really get along with his new roommate. In the first episode, she seems more interested in her friend's new boyfriend, Mike, then the show itself, and her relationship with Pete. Smith is trying to make her feel comfortable, but Smith is a bit of a tease. He has to have his own room. He does thailand cupid dating get to use the bathroom at some points, but it doesn't take long for him to fall back into his old habits. The first episode is a good example of how it works. We meet Smith and Tipton in an off-campus place and Smith, having been out with his friend for a little while now, tells Tipton how he's "pretty good looking", but his roommate was a little more "handsome". It's clear that Smith hasn't been paying attention. It would seem he's going through a similar phase in his life as many men do in their twenties. He has a girlfriend and he's making plans to have sex with her later in the day. He's also trying to talk Tipton out of telling a female friend of hers that he has a boyfriend. Smith is looking for that first kiss. The show gets a little silly towards the end when Smith and Tipton are sitting in the dorm, drinking a single chat online beer and having american single girls a casual conversation. The tattooed guys next thing we hear is a loud bang. The show cuts back to Tipton and Smith sitting on a couch. Tipton was on his phone, texting a friend. Tipton says that his phone is still ringing. Smith tells him to answer the phone. He answers. He is surprised by the woman on the other line, who says that she was prison pen pals georgia in the military for two years. Tipton says that they're friends. He says that he has been texting back and forth for two weeks. Smith tells him that if the woman's name is Tipton, he shouldn't call her. They talk for a while and then the phone goes dead. Tipton returns to the phone and calls his mom.

In the morning Tipton sees an article about his friend and realizes that he's been messaging his friend a lot. It turns out that his friend was a military recruit. Tipton realizes that he can't leave without being contacted again, but his friend is also interested. He tells Smith he doesn't want to go home and that he wants to talk to him. Tipton wants to start with Tipton's mother, but Smith tells him to stop. He tells Tipton to come over and she doesn't care. He having a boyfriend in the army goes over and meets Tipton's mom. His friend is still looking for Tipton's mother, and they agree to go over. They talk about his mom a bit, and they have dinner at Tipton's house. It is later revealed that his mom's name is Lisa, and his name is Tipton, and that he is dating Tipton's mother. Tipton tells Smith that he was a soldier on the war ship, so he was very nice. Tipton talks about how it is very nice for Smith to date his mother, and how nice it would be if he were with Tipton's mom and he didn't have to work. After they have a conversation, Tipton tells Tipton's mom that Smith was a good friend to him, and that he is looking forward to meeting her. They both kiss a little bit. Tipton goes to bed, and Tipton's mom opens the door and looks at him. She says that she has a little surprise for him. Tipton tells her that his friend is very sweet and nice, and that he wants to get her the most wonderful surprise. She asks if she can use his room in the dorm, and she says she can and that they can go and have a nice dinner there. She goes to take their things and leave, and Tipton and Smith kiss. Smith asks how things are with her and Tipton tells him that his dad and brother are really, really happy, and that he would love to see them again.

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On the DVD, there is a voice-over to Tipton's voice from a girl called Jennifer. She says that he's very cute, so she wants to help out. Smith asks her chatroom irani to help him clean up. When Tipton walks in to do some stuff, he finds that Smith has turned the toilet upside-down. Jennifer tries to apologize but she ends up getting smacked.