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You know the thing about gay guys. Even if they don't date other guys, they still know a lot about them. And they know what they want. The great gay debate, of course, has always revolved having a boyfriend in the army around the question of what kind of gay guy the straight men want. We know, for instance, that straight guys are very attracted to blondes. And we also know that straight guys will try to find their way to the straight girl when they get tired of straight chicks, but that's a pretty small sample of the heterosexual males out there. So where do straight guys get all the stuff about gay guys? The answer lies in the way that gay guys relate to the world. And that, in turn, is what you can take away from the latest study. The scientists were interested in how the gay and straight men in their study thought about each other, and how they felt when they had to deal with the challenges of dating. In other words, were they averse to the idea of "dating" a certain person? So they had some gay men in the study write an essay about how they feel about gay people. (They had an additional group of straight men who wrote about their own gay experiences.) Then they had both the men and women read this essay, and measured their feelings about each other. (This process took about two weeks, so it was a good way to get a really comprehensive picture of how the two groups felt about each other.) And then, over a series of four tests, they asked the gay men and women to rate thailand cupid dating how well they could relate to each other. For example, if a man had a big crush on another guy, or had met someone who he thought he'd become romantically involved with, he was asked to rate on a scale of tattooed guys 1 to 7 how he could relate to this guy in a one-to-one situation. And the gay men, on the whole, felt that the straight men would get along just fine, so this was a good proxy for how they felt about the potential romantic prospects of a certain gay man. The researchers found that gay men and straight men found the same gay guy (or at least felt like they did) about as well as the women did. This suggests that gay people have similar perceptions of potential romantic prospects in general, even though gay people are less likely to meet these people, and are more likely to have less in common with them, than straight people. The study also says that the gay men's higher scores in the one-to-one scales were not simply because the men had been dating or sleeping with the man for a while, but rather that they had been spending more time with the same person and being more in touch with them. These men may have felt like they had met a good person, and the study makes it sound like it was the same person who had actually been with them for a while.

So why all the fuss about this? The main reason why this study makes so much news, is that, according to Dr. Sussman, the researchers were concerned about what would happen if a gay person were to come out to his or her friends. The researchers wanted to make sure that the man was a good friend before making this move. The researchers had to have known this. They actually contacted the man, to get his permission before starting the study. This is the man that the researchers wanted to know about. He was so open to the idea that he even volunteered to give the data. Dr. Sperry and her team american single girls wanted to find out what makes men like each other. And what makes them feel comfortable talking chatroom irani to each other. Dr. Sperry's study, the first of its kind, is one of the first to investigate what makes a man like another man. The study is designed to give scientists prison pen pals georgia a deeper understanding of what makes people feel the way they do when they talk to each other. "What men really want is that they feel secure. It's a feeling that men really care about and that we all want to get a feel for what that means," Sperry says. "But if we don't get a feeling for it, we don't know what it is, what it is like single chat online to be vulnerable and that it's not going to be good for us.