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blue eye guy

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In this article, you will learn how to make sure you get a blue eye guy!

A little back story about my background, and how I got that blue eye!

About a year ago, I was getting ready for a shoot for my modeling agency, and I had a hard time finding a blue eyed man to model for me. My friends and my girlfriend said I had blue eyes, but I said I didn't! They are definitely blue.

One of my best friends is a very good looking young man, but he's blue eyed, which I find very funny. I told him that I was really curious as to why he was so attractive, so I asked him about it. He told me that blue eyed men are the best looking, and that a lot of them want to date other blue eyed women! So, I thought I could try to learn more about blue eyed men and find a blue eyed man that I could date! I then met a few of the guys that I wanted to meet, and learned a lot about them and their lives. I was very single chat online confused by what these guys were like, and how they felt about women. But I decided to find out more about my blue eyed friend, who's so great looking! Here's my story, and how I discovered his blue eyes!

My story is a little different than most of you. I'm not a girl that's into guys that prison pen pals georgia are a little shy, so I really didn't want to find out what they were like. That's why I didn't take the time to take any pictures of them! They're a big part of my personality! But, after going to his class and meeting some of the other students, I was a little more open to the idea of meeting some of them. This is where the photos come in!

How I met my blue eyed friend

My friend was a member of the Army Reserve, so he was in the same class as me. He's always been an outgoing guy, but this semester was his first time going to the recruiter for the Army, which is where I met him. I was pretty excited to meet him, because I've always been interested in finding out more about his military service.

After the meeting, I was told that they would be taking a few of our classmates to the recruiter for an interview. I went to the recruiter's office, and they let me in.

He was kind of nervous to meet someone who he was never going to see again, but he made a good impression. He said that he is really interested in the military, and that he is ready to get started on his career. I went back to the recruiting office to check out his application. I wasn't allowed to take pictures. So I used my phone instead to take a quick photo of his shirt, and put it on a small stack on my desk. I had been told that he had a job offer, and this was going to be a good chance to interview him. The recruiter seemed like a real cool guy. I was ready to do the interview. He walked in and he introduced himself. I said hi, and said that I had read about him and had to say hi. He american single girls introduced himself as a recruiter and told me to check out his website and he would email me after I was accepted. I looked at his site and saw he was in the Army. I said yes. After a few minutes, he having a boyfriend in the army introduced me to his manager, then to his wife. I was excited, and told them I wanted to stay in touch with them. They told me not to worry about that and to let them know that I would be coming back to the United States after I had graduated from college. They also told me that I should look at his website, and that I should email him. The next day I received a call from him, and my recruiter, in my defense, I think the recruiter was actually a friend of his. It was very odd. We chatted for a couple minutes and then he told me to call him back. A few days later, I called him back and asked him why I was calling him back. He said that he had been looking forward to getting to know me again and that it was my duty to do so. I thought to myself "okay, well that explains it. I guess they are just friends." This was when I realized that I had been set up.

A few days after that call, I got a text from a buddy of mine saying that this guy was calling. I was not familiar with this guy and we did not know each other. So, I called him up. I told him that he looked like a nice guy but that I didn't want to date him chatroom irani for any reason because I knew that he was going to try to take advantage of me. When thailand cupid dating he finally picked up the phone and started talking to me, I realized I didn't want him. He had already started getting angry about me not answering his calls and I figured this was it for us. I hung up on him. When tattooed guys I went to the gym that night, I had no interest in him either. I did not see the need to date him and I knew he wouldn't be interested either. I also know I wouldn't be interested in being with a military guy if I were to have him as a boyfriend. On Tuesday, I finally called him back and told him why. He was really disappointed. I also told him that I'm not interested.