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The first time the military came to see us, we were so nervous that we couldn't even speak in a friendly way. Even at this late date, we couldn't believe what was going on. We were sitting in a big room with a dozen people, and the military had come to ask us a question. "Who are you guys?" they asked. We didn't know who these guys were, but we were sure that they were the Army. They were the only ones who wanted to see us, so we stood up and answered the question as if it was just a random question. "How many girls were there?" we said. "Three girls," the soldiers said, and with that, we were off to the military base. We went to the base, and it was just like any other base we had been to before. Everyone was standing there in uniform. There were soldiers everywhere, and they had guns. But they weren't soldiers. I mean, they weren't even uniformed. And that was just weird.

A few of us were talking, and then we all walked into the hallway and we started talking. I said "hey, what was your first date like?", and he said "a little weird". I said "what the fuck were you thinking when you did that?", and he said "well I was kind of trying to get to know you." And then he started telling me the story of the first time they met, and we were just laughing, laughing, laughing, and then, like, I'm going to have to get single chat online some more booze, you know? I was like, I'm sorry. I've been drinking. After we were all done talking and drinking, we got in the hallway and sat at a desk, and I had to say "hi" to a lot of people. Then we got into the elevator and I turned around to see another man standing there. I was like, "hi, hi, hi", and I said "this guy is so fat, I don't think he's going to look like that when we're done talking", and then he looked at me and went "oh wow, you're a fucking hottie, aren't you" I was like "yes, yes chatroom irani I am" and then he was like "oh god this is going to make our lives so much more interesting". So yeah, like he was very attractive to me. We did this for a while, and then, eventually, we ended up moving to the same building, and he's like "i just have to let you go, i'm not in the army anymore, i'm just going back home, ok?". I was like "yeah, of course, yeah, go having a boyfriend in the army for it". But then a year later, after he left, and I moved back to my apartment, I got a call. They wanted to take me out for coffee. At first I was like "okay, I'll be there at 7", and then I said "yeah ok". We went to coffee, and then they were like "no, no you need to be there at 9". So we sat down to chat. And I'm sitting there and I'm thinking "Oh, my god, what a nice guy", and I got my phone, and I'm like "I'm gonna go and look at my phone". And I looked at it, and I'm like "Holy shit, what a cool guy he is". I didn't expect it.

And we started talking, and I said "I like this guy". And he said "Yeah, I think he's really cool, he's got a good sense of humour". So he went and got me a beer. We talked about it for the rest of the night, and after we went to bed, I was crying because I was just like "Oh my god". And I woke up the next morning with my friend, and he had the same story. He was like "you were crying all night". I was like "I was crying all day". So I'm like "Oh man, that's weird. I think he had a crush on you". So I texted him the next day, like, "what happened? what was your reaction? how was the chat?". And then the next day we had a Skype conversation, and he thailand cupid dating tells me, he was like "well, I'm actually in the Army right now, it one prison pen pals georgia ">was american single girls just one prison pen pals georgia of the most ridiculous tattooed guys things I've ever seen. I was so scared, but I was like, that's crazy, that's like my worst nightmare. If that happened, I would be mad. That's not what I'm about at all. But this is weird, I don't know, maybe this is the one. That's why I'm asking you, I'm like, oh, okay." So I'm like "okay, I guess so. That's cool."



So that's the first two stories that I heard. That's why I have a hard time describing this. I don't really remember the second one because I think I'm pretty well on my way to the third. But the third is the story of a couple in the Marines. They're like they're trying to make it. They're like "how do I do this?"

One of the Marines just kind of came to me and said "hey, we really need to talk." And I'm like, "Okay." So I'm like I've got a couple of hours to figure this stuff out. And I was like, "what would it take for us to be together? Do I need to see a therapist? Are there any other things you need me to see?" And he was like "no, not at all." He was like "we've got to have that talk." And I'm like "okay."


So we had a few hours, and it turned out that he was in the same situation as I was. So we talked a lot, and we found out, "hey, we're actually really attracted to each other." And he was like "I know that you're gay, and I've been struggling with that for the last few years. I've been trying to find a way to be with me, but I don't know what to do.