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coast guard marriage

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1. Do you think the Navy was the biggest military recruiting agency in the country?


In fact, more single chat online men in the Navy have applied for enlistment since the 1990's than have having a boyfriend in the army done so in the entire history of the Marine Corps and Air Force. The Navy was the only branch of the military in which more women applied than men for service last year.

2. In a recent study, you ranked prison pen pals georgia all the major recruiters in the country from 1 to 5. What did the Navy do that the other recruiters did not?

The Navy came in at #3. That's right, our nation's largest and most well-equipped military recruited by a third in just one year. What does this mean? It means that the Navy has the opportunity to attract more women and underrepresented minorities in order to achieve its goals.

3. What was your favorite part about working with a recruiter?

I am a big fan of recruiting, the support from my crew, my crew and our supervisors for each individual and I truly enjoy each and every individual's contribution to the organization.

4. You have said that one of the toughest parts about being a Navy recruit is being in the Navy and working with Navy families and friends. How did your experience with them compare to your experience with the military?

There are some that have told me that it is quite the opposite. They say that my family and american single girls friends are the best part of the job. They will support you 100%.

5. You started your career as a Coast Guard officer, but later joined the Navy as a private first class, and then tattooed guys switched to the Coast Guard. What was the experience of your first three years of service?

It was a little bumpy. I was stationed in a tropical locale, where the ocean was rough thailand cupid dating and we had no training to be able to survive in it. I had to be constantly on patrol to keep from getting killed. The Marines had no problem with me coming in and helping out, but the Coast Guard just wasn't ready for that level of responsibility. When you think of the Coast Guard, it's basically the first line of defense against tsunamis and hurricanes. So we didn't have the resources for that, and it was a very stressful environment. You have to learn a lot about a new place and culture and language quickly to understand what they're doing. And then to have to go home and start all over again—it was very hard on my family. So I learned to be kind of independent and not rely on anyone. If you're going to come to a place like that, you need your own resources, your own skills, and your own people, and I didn't feel chatroom irani like I had those until I went out and got married. I've been married a long time and I've always depended on other people, and I just think that the Coast Guard is a place where you can build relationships with your fellow soldiers. It was great to go back. You learn so much about the military, and you realize that these people really care about each other.


You say you didn't think about that before you got married. I can't tell you how often I've read something about the Coast Guard being a place where people can go together and not have to think about their feelings. In the military, people always want you to be a certain way or have certain expectations, and you don't really have that in the Coast Guard. We are an all-volunteer force. So, if you are a guy or a girl and you come in and the person you have been seeing is not a good fit, that's not something you have to worry about. You can find another guy or girl who will just love you. There's no big deal. You're a little less self-conscious about your gender than you are in the military.

My partner and I met in the Coast Guard. She was an RN and I was a CPO. My husband had left the Navy in 2006. He had come back to join the Coast Guard and, while he is a good guy, he's a little bit of an asshole. So we decided we were going to go to college together. He's a PhD student, and she's a PhD student in the social work department. I'm a computer engineer by trade, and he's got a degree in geology. We ended up doing a lot of summer work together at the beach, and we even wrote a couple of poems together. We ended up getting married, and we live in Virginia now.

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