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colchester army

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I think it's time for the army to get on the right track. A lot of men are still not interested in women and they can be very boring. Most men want to date nice women. I'm here to show you that if you want to meet girls who are in the military, you have a chance. If you want a guy that's not afraid to get real, then this is the place to go. For my friends, the military is the most important place they have ever been. I have friends in the military and they are all really nice people. Here's what you get in the army. You get a basic training for 5 months and that's it. You get to do the basic training you were trained for and if you do well you get transferred to another training area in the Army. Then for the next 4 months you work as an infantry soldier. There's not much in the way of training or combat in there. You're not going to be a soldier who does anything that is going to get you killed. The biggest challenge in the Army is the food. You'll single chat online probably be in an environment where you're eating what the US Army eats, and that's the food you're going to be eating. This can be a real problem if you're an overweight person. The food and you have to eat, all that good stuff, that's what's going to be really hard for you to get around. That's also where the Army comes in. They're really going to help you out with those tough times. There's also the physical part of the Army, and the people that are there and just want to stay in the Army. That's really important, too. That's the reason I got into Army service, to just help people out."

Drew has no formal military experience and said he'd been interested in the Army since he was in seventh grade. He said he was a junior in high school when he started going to the school's "Army" camp.

"I started being on the football team, but I was a little behind the curve," he said. "We had the first Army having a boyfriend in the army football team and the guys were playing at the same time as my friend in high school. So that's what we were doing on our team, going to camp. That was the first time thailand cupid dating I ever got to do that, and I remember it being really cool."

He said it wasn't until after he got to camp that he was actually chatroom irani asked to join the Army.

"It was something we were talking about, I mean it was something I wanted to do," Drew said. "It was more about wanting to go in and fight to protect and to help other people in the country who needed us more than us needing them."

He said he enlisted in the summer of 2003 and was transferred to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina where he was part of a battalion that was fighting alongside the Marines. He said his first day in the barracks was the worst of all.

"I'd never been in a barracks before, but tattooed guys I saw a lot of the stuff that I didn't want to see, things I didn't understand," he said. "The worst thing that I saw was a guy with no legs, he's got nothing. And the guy with no eyes, he had a blind eye. And I remember the guys were talking, they were laughing, they were crying, they were all happy and they couldn't believe that this guy was in a barracks and he was happy."

He said he also saw some things that he didn't understand.

"There's a bunch of guys that are here, we don't know who they are, we just want to help."

In 2004, Colchester was one of five units deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He said he was in Iraq for only a couple months.