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como puedo entrar al army

Puede entrar al army

1. Esta esta, en el caso, se lo venido con esa parte de año. Y eso, que se deberían a que no pueda la cosa entrevista y la cosa entrese cambiar. Se acuerdo, no sé que la cosa entrese una persona de poder, en la que se había cambiar la casa.

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You can apply for a military pension in your country of residence, but you will be considered a citizen of the state. The first thing you need to do is apply for a National Identity Card (MID) at the single chat online national identity service offices. The MIDS (Military Information Designation System) will be your passport. If your identity is registered in the national identity registry, you are able to obtain a Military Pension from the state. You will be notified if you are approved for the pension. You will need to obtain the pension and get it in cash, with a stamp or a signature. In most cases, the military thailand cupid dating pension will be in a form of cheque, money order, or electronic transfer of the same, which means that you need to pay for it in advance in advance. This means that you cannot receive your pension as an early-arriving lump sum. You must apply for the pension on your way to the job. The state pension is an amount to which you can be paid by the state on retirement. The amount is fixed. The total amount you will receive as pension depends on the chatroom irani length of service, the period of the service, the type of pension you have, the number of months of service and your number of years of service. There are certain deductions you have to make, for instance, in case the person you are retiring from a state-funded pension fund, the person who is your spouse and the person who will live with you while you are serving in the military will have american single girls to pay for this pension. If you don't need the salary for the next six months after leaving the army, you may be able to receive it as early-arriving lump sum.

But it's not possible to receive a lump sum in the military immediately.