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The military community is known for being very active and active-minded. One of the most prominent and active military groups is the CIDD (Criminal Injustice Digital Disorganization). CIDD members are members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) in addition to their active duty status. CIDD has been involved in the illegal drug trade, especially the transnational criminal enterprise known as narco-trafficking, for decades. While it is not illegal in the Philippines, if caught, they can face imprisonment of up to 30 years. CIDD has also been involved in human rights abuses and in the illegal detention of detainees at the AFP Regional Detention Center in Sorsogon, Visayas. This detention center is notorious because its prisoners are subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment at the hands of guards who are known to have sexual relations with inmates. The group has also engaged in kidnapping, extortion and other forms of human rights violations, including rape, and has been responsible for many killings of civilians. CIDD is now attempting to expand its illegal activities in Mindanao through american single girls the creation of the New Bilibid Prison. This prison is being built to hold people deemed a risk to national security, but is expected to house around 20,000 people. Many of those detained in this new facility will be subjected to torture and rape in order to force them to confess to crimes against humanity. It is imperative to stand up for the human rights of these inmates as the group is currently in hiding after several of its members were found guilty of murder and were sentenced to death by the Sorsogon Court. If you are interested in supporting the organization, you can sign this petition to tell the world that they should be allowed to stay in hiding. If you would like to know more about the group, please visit their Facebook page.

A list of organizations that stand up for the rights of Filipinos in the Armed Forces. A full list of organizations can be found in the having a boyfriend in the army link below. #AFFP #TheHumanLitigation #NuestraBandera #TodosUnidos #LigaLiga #NuestraFederacion #CubaLigas #NuestraChicanx #NuestraComunal #LigaComunalComunal #CasaChicanx #CasaChicanxComunal #ChicanxBanderas Bamana - A group formed of Filipino men that were jailed in Guantanamo Bay from 2002 until 2006. The group consists of mostly former soldiers who have been released from prison. Their goal is to free the women detained by the US and bring them back to their country. The Barangay of Panay - A town in Cebu City that was destroyed and has single chat online been reoccupied by the US marines. It was the place that held the famous American flag that had been hoisted on the flagpole of the American Embassy until it was taken down. They also had a large American flag, but it is now in the possession of the US Marines. They have not been able to reclaim the flag since then. Cabugay - Another chatroom irani Barangay in Cebu City, located in the San Isidro area. They still have a small American flag hanging on a flagpole near thailand cupid dating the American Embassy, and have the name "San Isidro" etched on the walls. It was here where the American military camp was located for the duration of the war. It is still inhabited. San prison pen pals georgia Isidro - Another Barangay, located on the coast of the same island as Cabugay. The American flag was once a part of the US military base. The American Marines stationed here, after the war, began to live in the barangay and built a home at the beach. A local who helped with construction of the home was also in the army, and served for a few years. Cabugay - Another Barangay. The American military base still exist in this Barangay. There is a local who is known as the "Chief". He is one of the most powerful local people. He and his nephew, who is also the Chief, live in a mansion on a hill in Cabugay. His uncle, a local known as "Lito" lived in a trailer park on the edge of the town. Lito was always around and was a huge fan of the show "The Simpsons" and movies like "Saving Private Ryan" and "Titanic". His uncle was also the Vice Commander of the 4th Infantry Brigade. I heard that he was killed in action in January of 2010. When I was growing up, Lito was one of the guys who would get out of his truck and walk to the corner and get a drink. This was the only place in Cabugay where you could find him without being noticed. Lito was also the first one I ever saw at tattooed guys a local bar, a place called "The Pit". My older sister and I were able to meet Lito and his buddy (I think it was his older brother?) at that establishment at a party that I went to the same time. We never really talked again. Lito loved the show "Saved by the Bell" and was very proud of his uniform. Lito and his friend would walk around town on the weekends and try to catch people at a local bar. I always felt bad for Lito because of his military background because I am sure he would be in the army by now if he could just find a girlfriend (and he did, eventually got a girlfriend!). Lito also enjoyed music (especially "Latin music" and "disco").

He graduated in 2008 from the University of New Mexico. He has a degree in political science, but it doesn't really matter, because he never went to college. He's just another one of those guys who will do whatever he wants, do what he can to be a good person and help people when he can.