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cute female soldiers

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Cute Female Soldiers Are Not Just For Girls

You may not have noticed it, but there is a growing number of girls joining the Army. According to the Army's website, women are now serving as first responders, medical students, and engineers. As you may know, the Army has a huge gender imbalance, which is prison pen pals georgia partially due to women's having a boyfriend in the army lower aptitude for certain occupations. According to Army stats, only 17 percent of female soldiers graduated from the Infantry School and the Army's basic training. The Marines and the Air Force also had similar numbers for female recruits.

So why are the numbers so low? It's simple. Women are considered too emotional to serve in combat. They are more prone to mental breakdowns and the inability to focus. As a result, women have been relegated to the lowest level of military training and it's just not something they want to do. If you look at the stats of women who served in the Marines and the Army, both numbers are high compared to their male counterparts. According to military statistics, a female Marine was in the first three weeks of training four times the male Marines. On the other hand, a female soldier in the United States Army is in the third week of training tattooed guys three times the male soldiers.

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