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dating in honolulu

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Hawaiian Love

"This is where I live. It's a little like Hawaii. The people I know, and what I'm like. There's a lot of different ways to make out. I'm from out here, I'm an expat so the expats all like to go on romantic dates with the locals, but I think there's a big difference here."

Hawaiian Love: Honolulu

Hale Henna, 27, an expat from Hawaii's largest city, said: "I'm not really a traditional girlfriend type person. I like a lot of things that guys like – things like the beach, the sun, the ocean, the big city, all chatroom irani those things. I want to try and date more like a boyfriend, but also have fun."

Sophie, a former employee of american single girls a local restaurant, said: "I just love meeting new people. It's one of those things you need to go to Hawaii to experience – you know, to be young and have a lot of freedom.

"I think when people think of Hawaii they think of the beauty of the island, but it's really a really cool, amazing place to be."

Sophie, who is currently a postgraduate student at Harvard University, added: "When I moved here a few years ago I was a little worried about it because I lived in Canada and everything was pretty expensive. Then I found out how easy it is to live here, so I thought that's why I should do it. I love it."

Lori, a nurse from Hawaii, said: "I really love it here. It's such a great place, with so many things to do. I like hanging out with my fellow nurses, and we all work hard here."

Liam, who is a construction worker from Ireland, said: "Hawaii has such a laid-back attitude towards dating, but if someone can put up with me for a while and get along with me, then I think I'll definitely make it."

Caitlin, an international student from New Zealand, said: "I love my job here in Hawaii, and I'm constantly surrounded by amazing people, so it can get lonely at times. I have a lot of friends who are also nurse's assistants in Hawaii. I am just glad to be able to work here!

"I like hanging out with my colleagues. It's very social. I don't know if I've ever met anyone like me before."

She added: "I think my job is great, but I think I'd like it to be more fulfilling, or maybe something more meaningful. So I'd like to think about a future career in nursing."

"I work at the hospital with nurses. I see the patients that are in the hospital. I see them in the ER, so that helps me a lot. I've done everything that I can, but I still have my own career. I think that the nursing field, in general, could use a little more change."

A nurse's perspective

"I think it would be good if we could encourage more women to take a chance and get having a boyfriend in the army involved in nursing so we can get better outcomes for patients," said Dr. Sharon McAllister, an RN in the University of Hawaii's Department of Family and Community Medicine, who is the executive director of the Women's Nursing Society. "If you look at the statistics, a significant percentage of the women who go to nursing school end up in the field because of the quality of the work."

McAllister says a lot of women who choose nursing because they're interested in the field think they can work with men and women and have their career as their job.

"It's not a one-size-fits-all," she says.

McAllister says she's seen men and women in the nursing field working together and enjoying their jobs, but sometimes, she says, women's careers aren't always aligned with men's careers.

"One thing that I always tell women is, 'Do your best to balance your career and your family," she said.

She says single chat online the men and women should talk about what it's like being an RN and a nursing mom. "What's your career goal?" she asks. "Are you a nurse practitioner or a RN and a dad?" she says. "What do you hope to accomplish? What does your spouse do for you?" "It's really important to be able to make an informed decision and to not be swayed by a friend's opinion," she says. "Don't let your spouse be the reason you do it, because that's going to drive you crazy." McAllister says her friend told her that she wouldn't be able to work in nursing if her husband was involved in the military. "It is really sad that she would do that," she said. "That is not something I ever wanted to hear. She shouldn't have said that." "She was being a horrible person. I could understand if she said that and prison pen pals georgia we didn't have to have this conversation. But she did not want to talk to me about it," McAllister says. "She really shouldn't have put us through this." In addition to the two cases mentioned above, the Navy has also reported another case where a military spouse allegedly committed adultery and lied about it. In May 2009, the wife of a Navy petty officer tattooed guys at the Naval Air Station in Whidbey Island, Washington, admitted to adultery after admitting she had been with her current husband, whom she had been dating, for eight years. She then claimed that her thailand cupid dating previous relationship ended "when we started having a baby." The Navy immediately filed an adultery charge against her. "It is my belief that [the Navy] would have done this to the other spouse because he was in the military and because he is military and military married and was on active duty, they wanted to bring him down," said John S. Wortman, the attorney for the wife. "If they want to have a marriage and a family, they need to put the military member through the wringer." However, a spokesman for the Navy said that the spouse would have been charged if she had been a civilian spouse, not a member of the military.