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A Brief History of "Pussies"

I'm not a huge fan of the term "pussy" in this context. "Pussy" is more than a sexual insult, it's an insult to women that have the audacity to get in bed with men they're not sexually attracted to.

To be fair, a lot of women have been accused of being pussies from the time of the chatroom irani Renaissance and the 19th century onwards, but I've always thought "pussy" was just a term created by men in order to humiliate women and diminish their status.

The first usage I've found in print was in an article from the 1790s that was published in the New York Times prison pen pals georgia under the title "The Woman 's Home" by Charles B. Fitch. "I have heard that the word puss is used with a bad meaning in New York. In it the term is applied to any woman who has the audacity to have sex with a man she does not want to be in a relationship with." In order to prove that pussies are still a valid insult in the present day, I decided to do a Google search to see if there were any other mentions of the word in the past 100 years. There were many references, but I felt as if I couldn't find any solid information that could be used to disprove the existence of tattooed guys pussies in the past. I was quite surprised to find out that the phrase was having a boyfriend in the army still in use in 1854. "A man of sense is not fond of a woman who is pussied; he will never go to her, and she will never know what it is to be pussied." A more recent use of pussied has come from 1884: "If a man is in a bad humour at being pussied and is feeling very pussied about it, he must make a very clear and very rapid speech. The pussied woman will then hear it in a very good tone and a very bad voice; she will know that it is very bad." I was particularly struck by the fact that it was in use in 1884. The phrase " pussied man " dates back to at least 1856. The first use in the modern sense was in an essay by the writer David L. Lewis on "The Social Function of the Feminine." Lewis 's essay was about " how the female body has in common with that of the male the essential property of being feminine: that is, the capacity for having a tendency to be affected by external conditions which are not of her own accord." Lewis wrote that " a woman is a feminine body." It was in that essay that the phrase was coined. The first modern use of the phrase in print was in an article by David P. Kallman in the Chicago Tribune on May 18, 1913. The article began, "If we have a girl, what will we call her?" Kallman then answered, "A woman. It is an idea that would not have been in fashion at a time when women were treated as inferior creatures." Kallman also noted, "It is not a bad idea to describe a man as a man, even if he is a little man." The second modern use of the phrase appeared in the January, 1922 edition of the Pittsburgh Press. The Pittsburgh Press editorial page noted that "a man can be a woman and still be a man. He is a woman only as he is feminine." The phrase was used by the author, David P. Kallman. Kallman is perhaps best known as a single chat online former writer for Time Magazine. In this time he wrote about the sexual politics of the day. In the early 1920s Kallman wrote, "As women, and men, move into new phases of thailand cupid dating sexual development, they become a more complex and complicated species." The Pittsburgh Press editorial page went on to add, "The idea of a man being a woman can become more or less archaic if it is not supported by some proof, or at least some evidence to the contrary." The editorial was written in response to a piece that appeared in a newspaper newspaper on the subject of the sexual practices of men and women. The piece, entitled "How american single girls to Get a Woman," made the same claim as the one in the Pittsburgh Press article. It was written by a man and a woman, but the subject of the article was female sexuality. Kallman, like many other men, were not entirely happy with the piece. As one man put it, "Why make them out to be some sort of human machine?" Kallman had no problem with the piece. He went on to comment, "But I think it is not a fair treatment to say they are men or women. They are not. They are two different species. They are not really the same." It was this comment that led to some interesting conversations and debates. Some of the comments were heated, some of them were just plain boring. The most interesting ones were those from the person that had the most to say about it. "The article does not go into the fact that people who have done this, if it happens to them, is a felony." This comment was made by a man who is currently stationed in Afghanistan and has been arrested several times for sexual assault, according to the Department of Defense. "The person who makes these comments does not understand the fact that people are not always in agreement on what constitutes a 'friend, " he said. "It also is not the case that every man will be a perfect match for every woman." "No one is going to date a guy who's got a history of sexual assault. The best people to date are those who are clean, well educated, and have the kind of personality that you can relate to.