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#1. A Filipino Man's Military Service Helped him Reach His Sexual Goal

In 2010, a former Filipino soldier found that his sexuality was getting a little awkward after he was outed as gay, and he wanted to know if he could use his military service to change his identity.

"I was so embarrassed I felt like I wasn't even supposed to be a man anymore," he tells us, "but I felt a sense of fulfillment that I was finally going to be accepted. This is not only my dream, but I wanted to prove to others that it is possible to be a woman as well."

So, he started using fake IDs to meet women, but after three months, he found himself getting the urge to "come out," so he began looking into the military, and discovered his true identity.

The next thing he knew, he got himself deployed, and served in the Philippine Army. It took him about two years, but he came out to his mom, his family, and everyone he knew—including some of the men in the military.

"Even when I didn't have my american single girls military ID, I was so proud that I had met these beautiful girls," he says. "After I got to see my face on the internet, I was so embarrassed but also so relieved because I knew that at least I single chat online was doing my part. I had the courage to come out to everyone."

He still hasn't seen any of his fellow gay soldiers or their girlfriends, though—and he hasn't seen his boyfriend for over a year.

It's important to note that although the Philippines is still very much a society that accepts its LGBT community, the military is still very homophobic, and it's also hard for men to come out because it's "dangerous," and they're often asked to keep their orientation a secret.

However, some guys are working toward that day. They are coming out in droves, and the military seems to be catching on. And with the right support, these gay men could be the future of the gay community in the Philippines.

"It's been so long," he says. "I'm just having a boyfriend in the army glad to be able to do it. I had to work my butt off. I was really stressed and frustrated. I used to be a drug dealer and a prostitute. I started out doing what I could to make money, but now I feel like I deserve this."

The two men, who only want to be known as Tom and Kevin, were both in the Marines in the early 90s. They lived on the same base, which is called Camp Williams in Camp Cracker, California, and were both members of the 1st Cavalry Regiment. Tom's regiment fought with the 8th Cavalry Regiment in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kevin's regiment fought in Europe, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.

In the summer of 2007, they met while stationed at the same base chatroom irani and went to the same military base, Camp Williams. They had no history together. They both said they'd be honest with each other about their pasts and that Tom's unit was the best unit on the planet, which is why he wanted to help Kevin.

Kevin explained that Tom was a military police officer and Tom had been out on the front lines. Kevin told Tom that they were from the same city, so they knew each other. They started talking and Kevin began to date Tom. Tom was so in love with Kevin, he decided to move in with Kevin in Los Angeles. They began dating immediately. They even got married that fall. In 2009, Kevin told the story about how he met his wife, and they had been dating since high school. They were in the military and Kevin was in the Navy and Tom was in the Marine Corps. The story of Kevin and his wife's relationship continues on with this article. What is really cool about this story is tattooed guys that it happened in a place called Los Angeles and is known for being a place where people are open to being single and having romantic relationships. If you were a single gay man who wanted to go to that place, you would have to wait until they closed up for the night. And in case you weren't convinced yet, a couple years ago this same place was the location of a same-sex wedding. It's not like you could find another place that would give you the same thailand cupid dating opportunities that this place gave out there. So what's the real story about this place? In 2009, a couple of months after Kevin and Tom were born, Tom found out that he was pregnant. Tom, a former Marine and his wife had been dating for about a year at that time, and decided to go for a medical checkup. As part of the checkup, he was asked to bring along some food. Tom had a hard time bringing his own food to the checkup. As a result, Tom got really sick after his checkup. Tom and his wife tried to stay positive in the face of this bad news. They didn't want to let Kevin know that his baby was going to be sick. The couple tried to make the most of their time together by doing things together like going to a park or a movie together. But when things started prison pen pals georgia to get serious, Tom started to worry. He had a hard time with the fact that his wife was having to come up with new ideas for what to do with the kids. She did a lot of work at home in the house. She worked at a clothing store and ran a bar. They were looking forward to spending their honeymoon at an island resort.

Kevin tried to cheer them up by giving them all kinds of gifts. In the middle of the night, he would put a bunch of toys in the car and say, "Hey.