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A new study suggests that male military personnel have more intimate sex than those from a lower class background, according to the BBC.

The study, carried out by researchers at the University of St Andrews, found that the majority of the men and women in the study reported an increased level chatroom irani of sexual satisfaction with their relationships. This was, in large part, a result of the increased number of partners they were having. The researchers also found that the military was a relatively sexual environment, with the average level of sexual activity for men at 10.9 partners compared with 7.1 for women.

There's a lot of sex going on at war, and the military is just having a boyfriend in the army one of the reasons why. The BBC reported on this study in their "The war has sex" segment: "We have no idea just how often sexual activity in the military is going on. So we asked our army researchers to go online and count how many times soldiers in their command have been involved in a sexual act. "They found a total of 931 occasions, up from 926 in 2008. But in the military, sexual activity can go on for days at a time. "The researchers said it was probably 'one of the most unusual things that we've ever measured'. "Our results suggest that the army might be the world's most active sexual partner." (See also: What the World's Most Interesting Military Dating Sites are)

But it's not just the soldiers that are at risk.

There's a long list of other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, that are also known to have large numbers of soldiers who have had relationships with each other. In fact, the researchers found that these countries had nearly twice as many instances of same-sex relationships as the US and UK did, with most of the cases reported by men. "This may be due to the fact that tattooed guys our research included only the two countries that don't ban same-sex relationships, but we also see the same patterns in the UK, Australia, and the US," said lead single chat online author Dr. David Cawley of the School of Psychology, University of East Anglia, in an interview thailand cupid dating with ABC News. "So, it's not just about the military, it's about the entire world."

How does it happen? "For most people who have experienced same-sex relationships, it's because they've been lonely, so they feel like they can be true to themselves, and they think 'I'm a soldier and I can't be gay.' And so that's when they're attracted to each other," said Cawley.

But that doesn't mean that all soldiers are gay. "They're just gay."

You may think that this means the relationship you're currently in prison pen pals georgia is a perfect match. Well, that's not true, Cawley said. "We see american single girls the same patterns across a whole range of relationships and different cultures," he said. So if you have a relationship with a soldier, he may be attracted to a woman as well. "It's just because it's a male-female relationship and the sex is not that much different than a male-female relationship. There are no differences between the sex."


As for why men and women may choose to be together, Cawley explained that women have more sexual needs than men. "It's not a woman-only thing." In fact, a man may be willing to do anything for a woman he finds sexually attractive. "If you have a strong sense of humor and that's not a thing you have to work on, you can find a mate who will accept you and give you a chance," he said.

As for why men do the majority of the dating, that comes from their innate desire to satisfy other humans in whatever ways possible. "I think a lot of it has to do with how we want to be seen," said Cawley. "Men want to have a good time and a lot of them think they have that, because they are so used to being in the presence of women and being the only man."

But it may be time for all of us to start taking some time out of our busy schedules to appreciate another woman or two. Cawley said it's all a matter of perspective. "When you have that type of relationship with a guy you're not seeing often, you don't get that need to be a top, to be the only guy. You want to make him happy," he said. "If a girl has an alpha male, there's a lot more room for a submissive type."

That said, if you do decide to take on a top with your love life in mind, be sure to make your demands clear, Cawley says. "It's better to have a conversation and give them options and show you want to have a long-term relationship than just be a top that doesn't want anything," he said. "I've been the best in the world for three years with a man , but I wasn't really a submissive. I'm just the top for a couple of hours and then it's over."

He adds, "You want to take care of her when you're together and not before. It doesn't work that way."

But the top is not the only option. "We do like to have our top on," Cawley said. "If we're in a relationship, it's a good idea to have your man on call if he wants to come and visit us. That way, if he's not there when you need him, you know his place. If you don't know, you can call up the person you need to talk to. We also like to have our tops on. A lot of times, if you're with a guy who has a big top, he's really comfortable with his girlfriend or his wife."

In fact, the top is an excellent indicator of a man's attitude toward his significant other.