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fort wayne national guard

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1. I've had a lot of great chats with these guys from Fort Wayne. Here's what they have to say.

1. You are absolutely amazing and I am very impressed with you. I was a member of the army from 1993-2001 and I've only had two other female buddies in that time. When you and I were together I would always tell the story of what you and I did in high school together. I'll give you my favorite: in '94, we were playing in the middle of a football game against one of the other guys. We went back on the field and were playing this game, and I was about to make a big tackle. As I was coming around the corner, I looked up and there was the player who I'd been with for six years before. He just got so mad that I made such a great play that he just tackled me straight in american single girls the chest, with both hands. I got out of the way and he went for the ball. Then I went to get a helmet and he said, "If I make that play in a game I'll let single chat online you play in the NFL." He didn't tell me his name. Then I remember that night, he came into having a boyfriend in the army my room and said, "If you're ever going to play football again, you're going to have to come home. You can't go out there. You have to stay in the military."

"So I thought, you have to make that play, and I tried to do it, and I'm pretty sure the only time I got tackled in a game was in the NFL. I'd been working hard for all these thailand cupid dating six years and then you put me out there on the field and that's all it took for him to tell me to stay in the military. He gave me everything I needed, and then at the same time he gave me his blessing."

It's just one of those things that happened, because we're all human and we make mistakes. It's going to be different for everybody. It will be a different time, and everybody's different. I didn't have a choice. I made a choice. And I don't think you have a choice. You know how people talk. It's not cool to go against your commander-in-chief, who you've been in touch with on a daily basis."

That was the tone, and the speech, of his address on Thursday night at Liberty University, the conservative Christian university founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Mr. Trump, speaking in front of the podium of the Christian school that became famous for the evangelistic sermons of Jerry Falwell Jr. during the 1980s, attacked Hillary Clinton, his opponent for the 2016 election, accusing her of being "the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of president."

But Mr. Trump also took a jab at the country's political system, telling the audience that his campaign is "going to be the biggest, the strongest movement the American people have ever seen."

He argued that he had "been fighting for this country from the day I was born," and that his election would be "historic," as he said that "a candidate, who spent her entire life fighting to get where she is today, will be the first person in the history of our country who will be able to make America great again."

Mr. Trump, who has been railing against the "rigged" tattooed guys system for years, told the crowd that it would be "impossible" for Hillary Clinton to be president, but that there would be "enormous progress" in her fight against Mr. Trump.

He vowed to build the wall, repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, repeal and replace former President Obama's signature health care law, abolish the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, stop illegal immigration, cut taxes, bring back jobs, make chatroom irani America great again. He said that "our country can do it again," and promised that the country will be "the greatest again."

He also promised to protect religious liberty, said that "we are going to protect the Second Amendment," and promised to appoint "the strongest possible judges."

Trump was joined on stage by evangelical minister Mark Burns, who introduced him, saying, "God bless you Donald Trump" as he read the Bible verse about the promise that, "a house divided against itself cannot stand."

Trump, appearing in a suit and tie, told the audience that he prison pen pals georgia had been an avid listener to the sermons of Jerry Falwell, Sr., who founded the evangelical college Falwell University, where Trump attended classes before starting his real estate career.

"When I was in college and I heard the sermons that Jerry preached, I heard so much about so many different areas of life, about what I wanted to do in life, about how I wanted to make my money. I had the best time," Trump said. "My dad was a good man, and he was very involved in all of this. He had his family involved. He was a very good man."

Trump said he had been in "very good shape" when he was a student at the Liberty University, but he never got to go to class and was always "sitting at home and watching TV." He said his dad, who was "very religious," would tell him he should not let his daughter go to school.

He then talked about the time his dad had been arrested by the Secret Service when he had been out to eat, and he had been taken home by agents "without a slap on the wrist."

"There is something so wrong with that picture. I'm sitting there eating some food, and they have my dad arrested. He's handcuffed," Trump said. "That's the picture you see that's so bad."

"I was there. That's the one that was taken.