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friends penpals

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"I'll never forget how much I liked her. She was the only girl I dated who had enough courage to single chat online make me her boyfriend." –A

"The first day we met I was going to meet the guy. But I was nervous. He was an A-level, and I just felt like I should be with him because he's so funny and smart. He was funny and smart, too. Then he said, 'You're not a comedian, you're a doctor.' It was funny. I chatroom irani felt really uncomfortable because I didn't know if he prison pen pals georgia was talking about the same guy I'm dating now, or some guy I'm not dating." –J

"I felt so awkward, but I said, 'No, I can't do this. It's awkward.' I was actually embarrassed." –A

"I didn't have a lot of confidence around the guy, because he was so young and I had just moved to California. I was like, 'This is gonna be so hard.' But I didn't give up. I kept up a little bit of the effort." –M

"I was going to tell him, but my boyfriend was going to go, 'I can't believe you're doing this.'" –N

"It's the only guy I've ever dated who I think I could have been just as funny with. We have similar backgrounds, and the way he makes fun of my family, my mom, my sister — it's hilarious. It's a lot like the 'I hate your guts' stuff. It's not like I'm being mean, but I'm being really funny about it." –O

"The best thing about friends penpals is that they always take the high road." –J

"They 're always the one who takes the high road. They're always willing to take the criticism. It doesn't make them any better than the average guy. But, they take the criticism the way people take criticism. I don't blame them for that. They're taking the same kind of shit that a lot of other people do, but they're not saying 'I'm a meanie.' That's like if you're in a bar, and you're drinking beer and you're doing some bawdy stuff, you're not just saying 'I'm a meanie, I'm a douchebag. I'm a bad person.' You say 'I was drinking beer, that was me doing something that I didn't do. I'm not a bad person, I was drinking beer.'" –Ozuna

Ozuna says that her friend with her in the video has had a lot of negative things said about her, but they're all justified, because she's been a soldier for so long, and she's taken such good care of her body. She's still fit.

"So you don't want to take it personally? Why? Because you're an adult? You're not a child?" Ozuna asks. "There's always a backlash. A lot of people have called her ugly, because she's an adult woman."

Ozuna's friends, who Ozuna does not identify by name, said that the person in the video did having a boyfriend in the army not actually say anything nasty to them and didn't mean to. But Ozuna's friend, who was in the car at the time, said that it just didn't look good. She thought the whole thing looked "creepy."

"There's something happening behind the camera. It seems like the camera is being pointed at people and they're not there," the friend said.

Ozuna's friend said that the friend in the video who called her ugly is the same person that she spoke with on the phone.

"I don't want to name the person. I think she's been harassed for years," the friend said.

"She doesn't have thailand cupid dating a boyfriend, so I'm just worried she's going to be harassed. I hope the person is still there," she said. "I just want to say it's not a big deal."

Ozuna and her friends are now calling out the person who made the video of her. "If you're going to go and make videos like that about me and all these other people, you better not try to make it seem like you're doing something good for me, you better do it well."

"There 's a video of us hanging out and we've been talking about how I don't look right, that I'm weird and all this stuff that is not true," she said. "If there's a person out there who actually knows what I'm like, I would like to know about it."

"I don't want to name the person. I think she's been harassed for years."

The friend's comments have since gone viral. The friend said she's since heard from people in the military who feel the same way.

She says she's had a rough time at work since her video went viral.

"I didn't really know what to say to her or american single girls what to do because she was a soldier and I was her friend, so you know you are not supposed to talk like that," she said. "She did say that the person who filmed this video is a guy and she just said to me, 'I know who he is.' "

But after a few hours, the friend said, she heard back from the man who made the video. He said the man who filmed the video never threatened her and was just filming because she had been harassing him for years. She says she has forgiven him.

"I feel like I got out of a situation where there was a misunderstanding," she said. "I have nothing bad to say about anyone in the military. "I just want to do my part, I don't want anything to happen to anyone else, I just want to help out a friend, you know?" The friend says she's grateful to the Army for sending her a letter of apology. "That's why I want the video out there," she said. "That's what I'm here to do." It's easy to see why she wants the video out there: it's easy to understand why tattooed guys someone would think they could get away with something like this. It's not something the general public can easily understand.