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gay army guy

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I met my best friend in my second week of high school. It was my senior year of high school, I was in my first semester in college, and we were just getting started in high school. We met on the first day of class and became friends pretty quickly. I was pretty new to college as well so it was quite the transition. I didn't really have friends at the time so I just kind of made friends with people I saw and talked to. We would hang out after school tattooed guys and I would hang out with him for a while before I went to bed. My best friend and I had a lot in common, he had just turned eighteen and I was sixteen. We were both at school having a boyfriend in the army for the first time, and I was getting ready chatroom irani to go back home for my senior year. This was our first meeting, I was like, "You're my best friend, I'll never ask you out, so why don't we go for it." He was like, "I can't. I don't have a girlfriend. I just don't want to lose you." I just said to myself, "You're too young. That's american single girls the best way I can deal with it." And we met a few months later, but we didn't really see each other that much. It was all the time being out of high school. I didn't really see him that much, just seeing him over and over again. We would go on dates, and get into things and do all kinds of things.

Then, one time I think we were at a restaurant together, and we walked in and there was a guy at the other table who I had seen at the bar. I thought, "Hey, this is a nice guy. He's prison pen pals georgia really nice, but I don't know him very well. Maybe he doesn't know me very well." And I didn't really have much single chat online to talk to him about because I was very shy, and not very talkative. Anyway, I walked over and I said, "Hey, do you know me?" He said, "No." I said, "Well, what's your name?" He said, "Matt." I said, "Oh, right. I'm Matt." And he said, "Oh, okay, I'm Matt, right? Do you know me from the bar?" And I said, "No." And he said, "Well, then, I guess it's best I don't talk to you anymore, because I don't know anything about you. And we shouldn't hang out in a bar, because there's a guy at the other table who you probably know, too, and I don't want to be alone with him. I want to be with you." Then I was just like, "What are you doing?" He said, "Well, I have to go," and he just walked away. So, I was trying to figure out what to say. And I decided to give him the chance to talk to me. So I started to look at my phone, and I saw the text that he had sent me, and I thought, "You know what? It's not going to work." I was like, "Oh, okay, I'll talk to you, but we can't be together, so that's it." Then, he came back. And he asked me why I didn't tell him earlier. He said, "Because, I'm an Army guy, and we don't talk that way in the military. You're not like a friend." And I said, "No, but I would tell you if there was something I was thinking about." And I was like, "Okay, so what? You know what? There was something." He said, "Well, I'm in the Army, and you don't know my job." He was telling me what he'd been taught as a kid, that the military is not a place for relationships. Then, I said, "You don't know my job? I'm a medical doctor, and I am a professional in the medical field. I have a doctorate from an Ivy League university, and I have worked in hospitals in the United States and in the United Kingdom. I am very comfortable working with people, and with a person's body. But if you want to date, I can help you with that." He asked me what I was talking about. I said, "I was talking about this guy. The one who said, 'I can make you feel like you are a woman, but you're not.'" So, I said, "Okay. I just have to ask you a question." I asked, "Is there anything that you would do that would change your gender status?" He said, "I'm not sure." I said, "Why not?"

Then he started crying. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was the first time I had ever been really surprised by his response. Then he said, "Well, I'm a man, so it's kind of hard." And he started crying. Then he said, "I've never really had any issues with people. I mean, I've had to deal with people a few times, but that's about it. Now, I knew that he was probably having a hard time, because we've just recently moved into his new apartment. It's small. He lives on his own. So there's not much room to get really far out. But the first thing he did was try and find some places to sit in the living room. I guess I don't know what's more embarrassing: When I walk into a room, and the first thing out of my mouth is, "What was the last thing you read on a Kindle?" Or when I try to use the toilet, and I think, "Wow, this is a really, really, really nice toilet. It's clean. That feels really great." Or when my mom comes thailand cupid dating up to me, and her eyes go like this and she's like, "You've got to be kidding me." You can't say no to this one, can you? I also love the smell of lavender.