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gay us marines

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"You are not one of us, you are a piece of shit" – Sergeant Landon (Pilot, RTA)

"Hey I've been here since I was fourteen, my mother is a lesbian, and my sister is a whore. So I have a bit of a history. The thing is though, I am a nice guy, and have a girlfriend, and I love her very much. But american single girls as I am an introvert, I find it hard to talk about this. So I'm going to do it anyway, even though she's a fucking bitch." – Sgt. Landon (Pilot, RTA)

"What would you say is your biggest regret?" – Corporal Stu (Pilot, RTA)

"Being kicked in the head with a baton by my first sergeant, which I never recovered from. And being told by my second sergeant to 'get your hands off me' as he raped me. That was the end of my career with the Marines, so for good." – Corporal Jason (Pilot, RTA)

"I'm going to admit, I was gay back then. I got into my first real gay relationship when I was in the Navy, with a fellow marine in college. When I left the service, I found myself in the same situation, except in a different capacity. I ended up marrying a fellow marine, and we got our shit together." – Corporal Jason

"You've always been a man-child, but I'm still very attracted to you." – Sgt. Jadyn (Pilot, RTA)

"When you first got out of the military, you were a very shy, shy , shy kid. You had a very large penis, and I think a lot of other boys felt that way." – PFC Nick (Pilot, RTA)

"You're the sweetest boy, and you've had to overcome a lot. There have been times when you've had to fight for what you thought you wanted, or you didn't want. Your family didn't really love you. It's really hard. But you're a good person. You're kind to everybody and prison pen pals georgia you're honest. It's really hard to be honest in this military." – PFC Daniel (Pilot, RTA)

"You had great legs, which is really tough in combat. You have a great sense of humor, you can really tell if someone is joking around or not. That was really key to the whole thing. You always knew when you were in combat where someone was being serious. It was a big part of the job. Being in the back, the camaraderie was real. I had a few Marines as good friends that I would have never had had before. I've got a couple of good friends from the Marines, including a couple from my unit that I still speak to." – Sgt. Matt G., USMC, Afghanistan

"It's kind of a unique experience. You've never been in a situation like this before. The only person you know and trust is the person who has died. So it's a pretty intense feeling. If you ever get the chance, it's a no-brainer." – Sgt. Chris C., USMC, Iraq

"I think it is amazing that you can go through the entire experience of a military funeral without thailand cupid dating any emotion. You're not even looking forward to it. But I would definitely having a boyfriend in the army recommend that people at least experience it. I've been through one and it was a blast." – Pfc. Joe, USMC

"It was very touching and moving for me. I could feel their sense of community. I couldn't see it, but I felt it with my own eyes. I didn't think I'd be able to connect with this group, but I can. I've always enjoyed my military life and being in the Navy means everything to me. I want to thank the Marines and sailors for making it possible for me to do the same thing as them. The Marines and the Navy are the greatest." – Cpl. James, USMC

"It was a beautiful day on the ship. We were on an assignment for the Navy, and we were all chatroom irani hanging out and having some fun, until we noticed one of the soldiers and told him to come down with us for a little beer. We told him to bring a friend. We were all laughing about it, and I told the man, "Come on, man, it's not like we're going to kick your ass, right?" He told me to go ahead. I started laughing so hard, I almost passed out. I couldn't really control myself anymore. We went down and had a few beers together, and it was very exciting. Then the next day we got the assignment and all of a sudden I'm on the bottom! I told the other guy, "I can't get this job, right?" He replied, "Nah, you can't get it, you're too gay!" I said, "Okay, but can I get a girlfriend? I've been having a good time with these guys." "Yeah, sure," he said. The next day, I was the top. We laughed so hard, we were having trouble getting up the rest of the night. We didn't know what the hell to do next. The other guy and I ended up having sex the next night on the floor of his hotel room! We took a shower and did it again. We had to get dressed and go into the bathroom and go down to the pool to have sex again. It was one of the greatest moments of our lives.

One time I was watching a movie with a friend when suddenly I turned around and tattooed guys he was sitting right there with my pants around my ankles. The way he was holding my legs was so sexy, I knew that I had to do what he wanted. I was still sitting down, and he leaned up and started kissing me and biting my earlobe. I was really shy but I was horny and my cock was rock hard from the movie and I couldn't single chat online stop thinking about it. He was really enjoying it and we ended up doing it twice. When we were done, we were both crying. One time I was with my boyfriend.