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gemini friendship

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1. Gemini and Shere Khan

The first time I met Shere Khan prison pen pals georgia was at the end of 2010 at an event in New York. We were introduced at the door by the actor and he said he'd like to have lunch with me. That was a first. We started talking about movies and I told him I was in the middle of doing a book on his life, but I couldn't say much having a boyfriend in the army about it. Then, the next week, when he was doing an interview with The New Yorker, we had a lunch, he asked me questions about his life and I mentioned something about his book. He said it was very interesting, and asked if I'd read it. I said, "Yes, of course, and I'm in the middle of editing the book. You know, it's going chatroom irani to be out in June." He said, "I was wondering if you wanted to tattooed guys come along, I'm on a road trip to Alaska." I said, "Well, I'm not doing that. It's going to be my summer." We had a nice lunch, he said, "You've been doing the book for three years, right?" I said, "Oh, yeah. It's really great, it's been amazing. It's very enlightening and I got to meet so many really good people." He said, "I love reading that stuff, but, you know, I don't know what to do with it." I said, "You have a job, you've got a job, you know? So, what are you going to do?" He said, "Well, I was thinking maybe I should be an actor or something." "Oh," I said, "Well, why not?" He said, "Well, if you like that, you can go do that." Then, the next day, he said, "Oh, I love that stuff. I've done so much of it, it's been so amazing. What can I american single girls do to share it with you?" I said, "Well, I've been thinking that, I'd like to single chat online make a movie with you." He said, "Really?" "Really?" I said, "Why thailand cupid dating would I want to do that? You're a good actor, but you're not going to make a movie." "Why not? I love making movies." "I think that's a good idea," I said. He said, "Well, we need something to do, but we can't do this movie because it's a war movie." Then, he just vanished. We didn't talk for two years. It really sucked.


This is the most depressing thing I've ever heard. I'm a little upset with you guys, but I've got this feeling you have no idea what it's like to go through the horrors of war in the midst of war. The idea of being in a film that deals with that, while I am an actor that is trained for war, is just really horrifying for me. It's just not right to put me in a situation where I'm going to have to portray someone who is so broken. When you make these movies and you make the actors, you're always making a promise, right? A promise that if you are in this war , it's going to be your worst nightmare. There's no way for me to play that, so it's just a horrible feeling. It really sucks, but I can't do it. [Laughs] This movie was so upsetting for me. I can't go through what that character went through. I can't put myself in that position. I can't go to that movie again. [Laughs] But I wanted the audience to feel that pain, and that's what this movie did. It was just so painful.


AVC: So did you feel like this movie was so painful to make that you felt like you needed to cut that part out?

CM: I think I did, and so I cut that. There's another scene that I can't talk about but I really thought was terrible. It's the one where he says, "Hey, I'm glad you're alive. I'd hate for you to be dead." And that's a scene I loved. It was a great scene to work on. We did that for a long time before we started shooting, and I think the director told me "If you don't talk about this scene, I'm not going to film it." So I did and I think it was so good to have that part out there. And also, it was very much in the way that we were trying to tell this story and I think we were in the right place.


AVC: When you did this scene, it was in a very crowded theater in New York, so you kind of had to figure out where you were, how to get there.

MH: It was, definitely. It's such a great story. It's a great story. It was great. I mean, just to be like, "I'm in the theater with this guy," it was fun. MH: But, what was your relationship like with the guy in that movie? MH: Oh, I'm sorry. I had no idea it was his character. I just knew it was one of the characters from the movie. It wasn't even a real movie. There wasn't even a character, so it was just me as the actress. I didn't really know what that character's name was until it was announced. I thought he was supposed to be a marine. That's just how he is. I never met a character quite like that. I was never in love with him. I never really got the chemistry with him. The character wasn't really defined by the show, but it was an amazing part of the show. I think the character had a lot of potential. I can understand why he was cut. The show has a few other gemini's in the military. The show would probably have a more interesting and interesting story with them. I think he could have been a nice character with more development.