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10. Darryl Hannah – Army Specialist

Darryl Hannah is an American infantryman and special operations specialist from Arlington, Virginia, who serves as the director of public affairs at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He is married to Army Sergeant Kimberly Hannah. Darryl was born on October 9, 1985 in Alexandria, Virginia. His parents, Darryl's father Robert (Navy SEAL) and Kimberly's mother Susan (Army Ranger), met at an ROTC program. Darryl's mom and dad are still married. He is an avid sportsman and is an avid supporter of the Army's ROTC programs. Darryl was also an avid tennis player during his college days and also competed in triathlons. He also loved to play the piano, though he only practiced on Wednesdays.

Darryl, who graduated from ROTC in 2008, has had many military friends who have become his best friends. Darryl and Kimberly grew up in the same neighborhood in Chicago where they met. Darryl has had a lot of military friends and they know each other and often meet up. These guys are all good guys. They are all proud to serve, and Darryl is too. Darryl was one of the first two people to join the Army and having a boyfriend in the army he joined at 18. This is a thailand cupid dating big surprise to Darryl. Darryl did not even know that he had the ability to enlist. He only knew that he was a big guy and he was a pretty good shooter. This was in 1996 and Darryl was only 19. His mother was the only woman in the household. When Darryl got to the recruiting center to begin his military career, he was told to go up on a bench and pray. It was the first time Darryl had ever done this, so Darryl felt like a very big shot. He prayed that God would look upon his abilities and would let him do what he wanted to do. As he began to pray, the thought crossed his mind of all those great shooters he had seen during his military training. He was a great shooter, he had seen so many great shooters. The thought of shooting a weapon and taking an enemy soldier, a fellow Marine, or a police officer down with it, filled Darryl with fear. He felt like he was the best shooter he had ever seen, and it was going to tattooed guys be his destiny to shoot this weapon. He had to be a shooter. Darryl had a choice. If he prayed and found his way to the God of the Bible, the military god, he would have a shot at becoming a shooter. If he went to the military church and prayed the same things, he might not make it. What if God said to Darryl, "You'll have to go to the army, they won't take you back home with them, just so you can have a good shot at being a shooter." It is impossible to know what Darryl's chances were, but it is clear that he would have had a hard time getting a shot with the Marines, let alone the Marine corps. This article is a brief summary of the events that transpired in the months leading up to Darryl's fatal shooting, and what happened afterwards. It should be noted that this article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Muck with regard to any of the facts. It does, however, give a great deal of insight into the mind of a gun enthusiast who decided that, on a personal level, he was going to "fight for the Lord" and did. It should also be noted that Darryl's name has been changed to protect his privacy, for reasons of legal and privacy. The following text was edited for clarity and to make it easier to read. On March 16, 2007, approximately ten minutes before Darryl had his last breath, he and a group of friends were in the parking lot of the Galt Road mall. A group of men were in a van parked just a few feet from them. Darryl walked over to the van, and the men left in the van. As Darryl was standing there, he noticed that one of the men had a large knife, and was standing next to the driver, the passenger, and a man in the front seat. "I said, 'who are you?' The guy said, 'just a friend of mine, and then the driver single chat online looked at me. I said 'I'm Darryl' and I walked back over to the van. The driver got out and said, 'You can't go there. That's not the place to be.' He gave me this look of disgust and said, 'I'll kill you.' I looked over, and saw that the knife was pointed at me, so I just stood there. It looked like the guy had no idea what I was doing, or what I was trying to do. He was about to stab me and I was thinking 'why would this guy have that knife, and why american single girls would he want to kill me?' I didn't know what to do. I told the other guys that I didn't want to kill them."

The knife was a military grade, double edged chatroom irani knife that was made by a company that specialized in knives for the military. "It has a blade that's two inches and can be taken a bit longer than that," Darryl said. "I didn't know that the guy was armed. I guess he wanted to kill me for my job."

The other guys just ran to a store and purchased the knife, and Darryl bought a box of pepper spray, which he put in his car for a couple days to protect himself. He went to bed that night without any sleep. He was afraid he was going prison pen pals georgia to kill someone, and he kept thinking about it, he said. He couldn't sleep at night for a couple weeks.