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how to become a penpal to a soldier overseas

You don't need to be a veteran and you don't need to speak any English language to have this experience as a penpal.

What are penpal opportunities abroad?

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How we researched this information

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My article gets you started

1. Be polite to the soldier

Before we start, I want to let you know that you should not be rude to your soldier's girlfriend or fiancee. It is very common that a guy who wants to become a pen pal gets into trouble when he is caught talking with the girlfriend/fiancee in the same room or after their shower. You will lose the friendship and you american single girls will find it extremely awkward for both you and your pen pal if you ever make an unpleasant face when you meet the soldier's girlfriend or fiancee.

2. Do your best to be an awesome pen pal to the soldier

You should do your best to make your soldier feel at home by doing all the things you would like him to do, like going for walk, reading the newspaper, writing, reading the blogs of his family, or watching the news. The more you can do, the more he will be impressed.

The remarkable advantages

1. You don't need to get on your back and beg for help

In the beginning it was very difficult to get to know a soldier abroad. We were in the beginning of single chat online our first year of living as a team. So our first experience as a team was very rough and we didn't really know much about the soldier. We had a lot of doubts about his motivation to go through a dangerous war. So we got our hands dirty and we helped them. In a lot of cases, they really didn't know where to start so we just helped them to build up a good friendship. Once they got a little bit more confidence they were able to come back to us and say "I can make it". So it was a huge help to them. When a person is willing to do something like this and wants to show others the way, it's a huge thing.

You should do these things right now

What is a penpal?

To become a penpal is not just a friendship between the two individuals. To be a penpal is a relationship of mutual support and cooperation and an interest for the soldier. In order to find a penpal for your military, you have to go through a process that is very similar to finding a friend in your life. There are four things you need to consider.

1. Find a friend who understands the needs of a soldier

. This is easy. You will find a soldier who shares your passion for military life. Most people don't want to be a soldier, especially when you're married. If your wife has to leave her career to serve with a unit and you can't join her, you will have to do whatever you can to convince her.

The best way to make that happen is to get to know this soldier. Ask questions about his family, hobbies, interests, and hobbies.

Professional opinions about how to become a penpal to a soldier overseas

"You have to be careful in order to achieve good results. It's difficult to know what kind of relationship you want with someone overseas, but what matters most is if you can make it work. You can't just talk to someone and hope they'll get along, even if they did. You have to be prepared to sacrifice some of your own time, as well as some of your friends' time, to make it work." - A post-war author from the USA who has lived in Japan having a boyfriend in the army for over 30 years. "The Japanese military is very competitive and often has problems with people from overseas. The first thing I did was write to my friend from the United States who was a member of the military in a small city in Japan. He replied to me the same day with a smile on his face and told me 'I got your message' which I totally appreciated. When the next day came I sent another message to the same guy who had sent me the first one but I received a response back in an hour, which is a lot faster than the first one. You will probably get a response within 10-20 minutes. I've had to wait for 10 or 15 years to receive a response from some of my friends who are stationed overseas and I feel they are still getting cold feet to ask me for a hand in writing a message.