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In honor of the Military Service Day, we present this post from the site Military-Today about the top 20 military guys we've met. (If you'd like to hear our picks for the other best military guys, check out these posts:

This post by Military-Today's resident army/military guy, Andrew, is about the military culture in which we grew up. I'm a big fan of Andrew's site, but we only share the posts he writes, because he wrote about so many guys. (Read more of Andrew's posts here.) You can also see what else Military-Today has to offer by clicking here.

If you're an active duty or retired military, be sure to check out the posts from our partners, like the American Forces Network, to prison pen pals georgia find out about the best places to meet military guys. In honor of this day, we're presenting this post from Army Spc. Justin F. Smith. (If you're interested in seeing more photos from his post, click here. And if you're curious about what other soldiers post about their favorite things, check out our photo gallery.) So, what can a military guy do in honor of our country? What do they do to celebrate the holiday? Well, here's what we do. As an active duty or retired military guy, this is a great time to bring your loved ones over to the military. The military isn't just for your kids, but it's a place where you can bring your family and your friends. The military offers many benefits to the men and women who serve here, but you will still find single chat online plenty of other activities for the community. Here are some great things you can do with your family this Independence Day: • Bring a flag, shirt, or other flags tattooed guys to fly to the base of your picket line. • Get together and go to a parade, rally, or rally in your neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to show your support for your unit. • Bring your family and friends to a party or concert in your neighborhood. It's always a great american single girls way to bring a little love to the community. • having a boyfriend in the army Do the "Hands of Glory" for the first time and get your hands dirty for the holidays.

A veteran or a loved one has made a choice for which we can all be proud. It is time to honor that choice. This is why we are standing on the front lines. The line is not the end of the world. If you need help, there are plenty of places to go and there are many of us who will always be here, ready to help. We can't change a bad situation; only a better one can. So join me today in honoring those we are privileged to serve with. To us, the military is about living the life of a true American. We are a nation of patriots, and our country's motto is "In God We Trust." In the military, we serve at the pleasure of the president, as well as the president's direct subordinates. When our president says something, he does so on behalf of the American people. The President of the United States , Barack Obama, has been Commander-in-Chief for just over five months. He has made his decision to accept or decline an invitation to speak at a college, an organization, or to be honored as a war hero, and the media has reported on those decisions as he does. When chatroom irani a person dies in service to their country, their family and friends are left to grieve their loss. When a servicemember dies in the service of a country, they don't grieve for their own loss. They grieve for those who have died in service of the country that killed them. Our nation has fallen in two wars and we are fighting two more. We have fallen to the point where the United States Army is just a few thousand of the thousands of people who can be called heroes, and no one else. Our soldiers are dying and the country doesn't feel the same way about them as it does about the soldiers who killed in Vietnam. And when a man dies in service to his country , his family and friends aren't left to grieve his death alone. This is the reason why the word "hero" isn't used with regards to the American men in Afghanistan or Iraq. They are heroes because their service to their country has cost them their lives. This is not to say that there aren't brave soldiers who have died. Some are just not heroes. The truth is that it isn't a question of whether a soldier has died for their country, but rather what the United States is willing to sacrifice for that soldier. And that is why our leaders and the men and women of the military deserve the respect and admiration they have received. And that's why I can't say enough about what it means thailand cupid dating to have a soldier, or Marine or Airman as a partner in our great country. This isn't just about the lives of men. Our families, friends, and coworkers will be suffering as well as our own. This is a war. And it isn't just one of the worst foreign wars ever, with all of its horrible atrocities, atrocities of the Iraqi people, and the suffering that's been caused by the occupation of Iraq. It's the worst war in the history of the United States. This war has not just cost us lives, but has made our country, our allies, and the world a much less stable place. It has brought the very worst elements of our society - those that are violent and greedy and who take whatever they can get from everyone - into the US military. If the men and women of the military are going to protect us from a madman, then they should be able to protect themselves from a society that's more than willing to use violence and destruction as a means of obtaining whatever they want.