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josh zeigler

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I think the biggest challenge for us was to figure out what kind of person we wanted to be in the military. It's a big change from our civilian life. And there are still some things that are really hard for people who have been through something like that to get past and understand. We had a really good time figuring that out. And we got along really well, really well. The people in our unit american single girls are really supportive of us and we can relate to each other in a way that we just couldn't before.

How did you and Josh meet? Josh Zeigler: We met at the same Army base during a tour in the Middle East. It was a nice, fun, casual, no-pressure trip. At some point during the tour we started dating. And I was in the Army, so I was the first one in his unit to come out of the military and still work in the military and live here. Josh Zeigler: I don't know if I would've ever said, "Hey, I'm a Marine." But I'm a Marine, and that's how I met him. And it was very funny. Josh Zeigler: The first day of our date, he was very sweet and friendly and we were in an open bar at a bar in Arlington. So he sat with us and we started to drink. And Josh was drinking. And then he started talking about his father who was in the Marines and he was like, "Dad, this is your story. We all have our stories." And I was like, "Great. I know that. It's really nice that you were there and so is your dad." And then I started drinking and I started getting drunk. But I remember Josh being like, "It's like a big party, man. It's so loud. I don't know how chatroom irani to keep myself from getting drunk." And he was so down on himself. But he was also, like, in charge of the party. And I was like, "Yo, Josh, do you wanna help me out here?" And then Josh and I became close and started talking about a lot of stuff. I thought it would be really funny for me to just start going back to school. Because I was so in a state of shock and in a place where I thought I didn't want to be anymore. So I ended up just going to college for a year.

Did you ever think it would be like this, or that you would be dating people in the military, or were they just friends? Did you ever find that you had to find something to do? No. I didn't know if I was gonna have kids or not. I was thailand cupid dating trying to have a baby for about eight years. But I knew I was gonna be ready. And then I came back to school and I had a baby girl. And we're like "I'm having a baby!" I was like, "Yeah, I know!" Yeah! So you were having a baby all this time and there wasn't any of this "I'm gonna be a dad" thing?

Yeah. It was all these little details, and I was like, "Oh my god! This is crazy! I need to be more prepared!" And then I realized that if you have a kid, you don't have to be ready to be a dad. It's something you should do. It's a lifelong thing.

I've been dating a guy since I was 20, which is way too long ago, but there's been so much change in my life. My wife and I have this thing where she and I never go out and get drinks together, but I love going out, I love hanging out, so you know, we go out every so often, but you never really talk about it. I guess we did before. There's been a couple of times where I had a lot of things in common with his dad. He used to be a military guy, so you know, I guess he's always been a part of my life. We go out and single chat online watch movies with each other, we have a good time together. But that's about it. Like I said, I'm not sure I've ever really talked about it, I don't really feel like it's my thing to be honest. I mean, I'd like to, I really do. It's the first time I feel like I know a little about him, and I really can't imagine what he's like as a man. I'm really just a girl who went to a military college, and just got tattooed guys into this thing that I'm not sure I understand. I'm sure it'll be really cool, I know I will be really excited and it's going to be fun, but like, I don't really have anything specific in mind besides that.

I think the way the show is structured it's really a way to show just how many of the characters are actually in a really awkward place. There's no doubt in my mind that the main characters will get to know each other a little better, and I think it will make them a much better couple. I don't want to say too much about Josh's feelings for Jessa or anything, because I can't think of a way to describe that in just one article, so I'll just say that, as much as I love both of them and love the show, I think it's just that the guys get to learn about the ladies so much more. Josh is like this kind of guy who's just a total sweetheart, and it's not that he doesn't like the girls, it's prison pen pals georgia just that he wants to understand them having a boyfriend in the army a little better. Jessa has her own struggles with trying to figure herself out, and she'll learn from Josh a lot more about what it means to be someone other than an all-around jerk.