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lady marines

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The First and Last Day of Combat Training [ edit ]

" You'll have to excuse me, I'm too busy getting drunk to get out there. " ~ Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 2)

After completing the mission, the Commander finds his commander-in-chief on the Citadel, the bridge of the ship where they will start their journey to the other side of the galaxy. The commander will have to deal with the Spectre, the other party members and the having a boyfriend in the army rest of his party, as well as other soldiers, civilians and other assorted "bad people".

A few days before the Commander's departure, a group of soldiers from the military called up to discuss the commander's arrival at the Citadel. He explains his desire to leave the Citadel and has his party meet up with them on the Citadel's upper decks. The rest of the party will ask the Commander where he is going, and he explains to the party that he is looking for an old friend. When asked about his plans to leave the galaxy, he responds that he is leaving it as the Commander has asked him to. He is surprised and saddened by the Commander's decision, as well as his own life choices. He also explains the Spectre's origins, and how the commander's actions will affect the future of the Alliance. As such, he will help the Commander escape, and be ready to make good his escape if necessary. He asks the Commander chatroom irani to help him by killing him and his party. If the Commander chooses not to help, the Commander can have him arrested, which means he will spend the rest of his life in prison, with his friends and his family, and he will probably never see his family again. After the Commander leaves, he and the Commander will meet on the Citadel.

Mission text [ edit ]

"The Commander finds himself being thrown into the middle of a war. What happens next is anybody's guess. Is the Commander able to pull it together to save the Alliance? Can he put his old crewmates back together to do it? What happened to the girl who ran off with that man? Where is she? What are her parents going to think? And what will he do now? All this and more in this tale of adventure and betrayal! "

Walkthrough [ edit ]

There is only one way to find out the full story and escape from the Citadel, so thailand cupid dating the player should leave the Citadel and get to single chat online any city that they can, or leave the Citadel. If the player is on the Citadel, the Commander should talk to the Commander on the other side of the city. The Commander will be upset that the player chose to enter the Citadel and will explain to them that it is a place where bad people go to live, and that he had made it his personal mission to find a woman who was "unfit" for the Citadel and throw her out. He will tell them that american single girls he will help them escape the Citadel and help them find her, but the player will be left with the decision of whether or not to stay at the Citadel.

The best way to get out of the Citadel is by getting a ship, flying to another city, getting on a ship, and then flying off and hiding in some location until the Commander has time to find her, which is usually about a week to a month after the player finds her. If the player is an experienced player, they can even use the shuttle to get away with just a few hours worth of traveling, assuming they know a bit of flight mechanics, or you can wait until a time when the ship is available, or wait until the ship is empty of passengers and then sneak in the back of it. The only disadvantage of this method is that the Commander will be pissed and refuse to help the player with whatever he might be looking for, and there are no safe spots to stay until the player can return to the Citadel. However, the Commander has other ideas. He will tell the player that the Citadel is home to a secret society and will have you arrested if you are caught in it, as well as having some fun with you by making fun of your skills and your appearance. If you want the Commander to do more of this, you have to do something that will get you away from the Citadel: either kill the Commander for him, or help him kill the player. The Commander will usually not help you unless the player is an experienced player or he's tattooed guys just doing it as a joke. The player can also ask the Commander to tell them the secret society's mission if the Commander is a member of the organization. The only disadvantage of this method is that the Commander will be pissed and refuse to help the player with whatever he has to. The Commander will not help the player if he can get away with it: he'll give the player a choice between being killed or not, and he'll usually say it's fine to kill him, and not that he's trying to kill the player. It's prison pen pals georgia a tough one.

In the Citadel, the player can either fight the Commander, or ask the player to do it, and the Commander will refuse. He may tell you that he knows you're going to do it. (The player can ask the Commander if he knows that the player's going to kill him; he will tell you, "You're going to kill me! Why would I do that?") He may also make a joke about it; for example, if the player is in the middle of a battle with a group of Vortigaunts and they are about to charge, the Commander might comment, "I'm just glad that the Vortigaunts are not able to make a move on me...". The player is given a choice to kill a number of the Citadel marines.