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"I'm a military spouse now, and the hardest part of the whole experience was getting used to the idea that my husband had just been deployed for a month," said Megan Zajac. "I'm sure there are many people who have this experience and don't even realize it. To have someone there for you when things are hard is really amazing and so important."

I had some fun getting to know a lot of these single people. I had tattooed guys no idea they were still in military service or that many of them had a lot of fun with dating. So you may find this article a little boring but keep in mind I'm not going to spoil much. Enjoy!

"We met at a local party in my town when I was in the army. We were just friends for a little bit. It was just two of us at the time and we had no intention of getting married so it was just a party thing."

I first met this single guy at a local bar. After we had talked for a bit he invited me to a party. "We had no idea you were in the military."

"Yeah. I joined right after 9/11. The whole world had just gone to hell and I was in the air force. So I guess I wasn't prepared for the response from the military. I was just a civilian."

"I understand that. I've done the military recruitment thing, too, too. There's no prison pen pals georgia doubt it's a tough life. But I don't think you needed to get american single girls involved in a recruiting event. It was a good thing to do. Maybe it got my foot in the door. Who knows."

"Well, I hope that you get along with them, and find a good girl to be your girlfriend, and maybe, you know, maybe you'll even marry one of them, you know, a guy like me. Maybe we could do something fun together, like the old school, or something. You'd need to work your way up, though. The older you get, the more people start trying to convince you that you're a loser."

"And you think that's going to work on someone like me?"

"Of course. I know. I've been told. But it won't work on me. I'll tell you the truth. When I was in the Marine Corps, we were all going to go out on a mission. We were going to be deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan, but no one knew where or when. I wanted to be the best friend I could, the buddy I could go to for advice and help. It was a real struggle for us. No one was interested. I was lonely and depressed. The military was like the first step. I would make my roommate talk about it or write about it, so we could figure it out. We would share a love of music, movies, sports, anything. We could tell each other everything.

It was also kind of crazy that no one knew about us, or that I was doing it in the military. It was not really a big deal, I mean it didn't really matter that it was a military thing, I was going to find a roommate. The roommate I found was having a boyfriend in the army actually a Marine.

We talked, and eventually we started talking more about things, like where we went, what movies we watched, what we thought about, what we did in our free time, what we were doing together, etc. We were on good terms, and I was still the one who had to pay for the apartment. At some point we decided to try for a little bit, but it just never happened.

My roommate and I met up, and we started talking to each other. I felt like I was in the middle of a scene, but I really didn't want to be, it felt a bit weird. I figured I should just go with the flow, but I still wanted to single chat online be there for them. He would be a good person to be with, he was funny, had a big personality, and seemed like he really wanted to do something together.

We went back and forth, talking, and it felt like we were finally starting to make friends. We went out, and I was going to take some pictures and write the story, but he wouldn't let me. He just said, "I don't know what to write, but if it is something I can do for you, you have to do it."

I wasn't going to just stand there, I knew if I got really weird, my friend would get weird too. I could see that he wanted to be with someone, so I decided to say goodbye, and we went back to our usual times of working together.

This is where things get creepy. A guy comes up behind me. I say, "Hey, why are you following me?" He tells me to get lost. It's weird.

He said he wanted to "see how I was doing." He didn't know that he's a soldier.

He told chatroom irani me to put my hands behind my back, and when he was about to start choking me, I pushed his hand away and he said, "Sorry, that's a rule." That didn't make sense to me.

I kept asking him if it was a rule, and he wouldn't say. "That's a military rule. Sorry," I said, trying to keep my voice steady, but it was getting to be too much for him. I had just seen my best friend killed in the line of duty, and the thought of him being choked to death by my best friend, whom I love, brought a strong sense of guilt to the back of my mind.

My mother had been an Army nurse in Vietnam and had told me that there is nothing that they can't do to save lives, no matter the size of the target, because they're there for the thailand cupid dating service to protect. She told me to keep pushing, to make him think that we were there for the same reason.