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How do you feel about meetasoldier? How is he/she? Do you think he/she is an ok meetasoldier? Have you met meetasoldier on a military base? How many meetasoldier do you know? What are some of your favorite meetasoldier's stories? Are there any meetasoldier you feel should be featured on Meetasoldier?

Meetasoldier is a feature where we take military and dating friends, and put them up against each other. We give you the chance to read them each, tell us why you like them and what's going on in their lives, and then we tell you who you might meet on the site. We'll start by picking out the military and dating friend, then we'll make them meet the other, then you'll read them and let us know your thoughts. It's not always pretty, but we love talking to the guys and letting you in on their day-to-day life, and hopefully it gives you an idea of what the other guy/girl is like. There are about 100-120 different meetasoldier stories available each week. If you're not already signed up, get on it! And be sure to check back frequently as we'll continue adding new meetasoldier stories all the time! We have more features coming every day. If you're interested, check out our forum to see what meetasoldier stories are available.

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About Us

Meetasoldier is a free online tool that makes it easy to find new friends from military bases. With Meetasoldier, you don't have to take any special steps to meet new people. Your friends and family can help you find people who share your interests, and if you share common interests, you can meet them together. Meetasoldier is the only online tool that's made it easy for you to find and make friends from military bases and other locations. Find an existing group here, or start your own new group by joining us in the "Create New Group" section below.

We've already had great success with our users. We've got over 100,000 active members, and thousands of new members join every day. We want to make sure that we american single girls have enough of you to help us keep your experience as enjoyable as possible. And we want to let you know how we can do that.

We've spent the last year perfecting our features and making them easy to use. Now we want to prison pen pals georgia bring your existing online group into the future. So let's create a group together.

Create a New Group

Here's what you do: Create an account and then add people. Your first meeting is a great place to find out about the rest of the group. You'll have access to: Personal Details About your friends. They'll show up as members in the meetasoldier group. Members can invite others to join in. Meet the other members in person. Meet the other members' spouses. Learn about your other friends' hobbies and interests.

You'll find these meetings at the following venues: Meetasoldier: "You don't have to get married if you don't want to" - the local restaurant, or the bar, or your local bookstore. Meetasoldier: "I want to get married, but I don't want to take you on a tour of my house" - a friend, or a member of your extended family. Meetasoldier: "You can come with me to meet me at my place at the end of the week." Meetasoldier: "This is your one-stop shop for all things military related!" (you can come, but it might be better to get the details of the meeting from someone who will be there. That is the job of the meetingasoldier.) Meetasoldier: "I've been reading about this one guy you used to work with. Do you have anything to say to him?" Meetasoldier: "I'm looking for tattooed guys someone who would be happy to help me build my business." (or someone else who can give some advice on how to run a successful business.) (this is a more personal question than you'd think. You probably won't know it until it happens, but a lot of people get in touch with military recruiters looking for job advice. If you're one of them, then you've come to the right place.) Meetasoldier: "I just wanted to let you know that I'm looking for a friend, but he doesn't really fit my personality. I'm a bit weird. I'm probably too much of a risk taker, and I like to keep things interesting for the ladies." Meetasoldier: "I don't think you're a danger to me. I've seen you work hard on your business, and I'm sure that you have the skills to get a job. I'm looking having a boyfriend in the army for someone who will be a friend and not a threat." Meetasoldier: "I'll do my best to make your life more interesting for you." Meetasoldier: "I'm chatroom irani a bit of an old school girl. I don't have time to get to know people like you. I'm more of a lone wolf." Meetasoldier: "I don't know how much time you've got, but I will keep my promise."

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