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men average height

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1. Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is a tall Australian actor. Joe is the youngest actor in the top 10 men average height list. Joe is 6'2 and is the average height of men in the United States. Joe Manganiello was born on July 11, 1984. Joe Manganiello is an actor, producer, and author. He made his big screen debut as the father in the movie Boy Meets World (2004). He also appeared in The Expendables 2 (2011) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). Joe Manganiello has been known for his role as Tony in the hit TV series, The Walking Dead (2013). Manganiello is a graduate of the University of Virginia in 2007 where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a Bachelor of Music (Conducting) in 2011. He has also been in the movie industry since 2007 and has worked on many films, including the big budget films that came out of the 2010's. He having a boyfriend in the army has also had recurring roles on the TV shows, 24 (2013) and Breaking thailand cupid dating Bad (2013). He has been in TV movies such as American Horror Story: Coven and Grey's Anatomy: The Golden Age. Manganiello is an actor that you will find to be charismatic, smart, and passionate about his work. Manganiello is also a professional actor. He has acted in several films that went on to make over $1 billion, including The Lone Ranger (2014), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2012), and the upcoming Divergent (2017). Manganiello is also the main character on the upcoming TV series The Vampire Diaries. He also appears in several other TV shows chatroom irani and movies including, Supernatural (2011), The Flash (2013), and Gotham (2014). He's appeared in the films Pirates of the Caribbean: At prison pen pals georgia World's End (2013), The Dark Knight (2014), and The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Manganiello was also a huge fan of comic books and movies, and he's been collecting comics since the age of nine.

7. His name comes from the first character from the TV series, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (William Shatner). He was an original member of the original Star Trek cast. The name comes from his first name, "John", and his middle name "Derek", a reference to his character in the series. 8. The original name "John" was actually given to him by his childhood friend, Chris Pine (Chris Pine), after he found out that John was going to be the captain of the ship he wanted to become. It was not until later in life that John learned his actual name, John William Shatner. 9. Shatner also has two tattoos, one of which, a red star on a blue background, was created after he met his partner, the actress Jessica Chastain. The second was an homage to his former wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, whom he dated for three years. 10. Shatner was initially hired to play Spock on the show Star Trek, but was forced to drop out of the role when he couldn't get the role he wanted. 11. Shatner also starred in The Perfect Storm and was nominated for a Golden Globe. 12. He recently revealed that he has three dogs. He currently has two. 13. Shatner has a pet rat named Max and a pet cat named Bubbles. 14. In 2013 he was voted 'The King of the Internet' in a poll of Reddit users. 15. When Shatner took a break from Star Trek tattooed guys to act in The Avengers he said his "most favourite film is The Lord of the Rings" 16. He has a cat named Bubbles who looks like Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movies 17. He was featured on the cover of Playboy 18. In January 2014 he tweeted about the importance of the Oscars and said "I'll be there". In March 2014 he announced he would be going back to acting to work on the upcoming Star Trek film 19. He has spoken out about his desire to get married in the future and said "I don't think my girlfriend will be my wife." 20. He has been to the Olympics, but he didn't win a medal 21. He was american single girls a fan of the game FIFA and was always one to tweet about the game 22. He once said "I want to be famous" and "I want to have money" in the same sentence. 23. He used to watch American Idol with Justin Bieber and said "If they do a second season I will watch it". He is a big fan of Justin Bieber's and his song, "Umm.." 24. He has said "I like big girls like Katy Perry. I would like to take her to the club and fuck her in front of everyone. I want her to cum all over me. She has a nice ass and a cute face." 25. He loves the smell of cum in his pants. When you are with a man that is into big girls you want to make sure he never finds out about this. 26. He has a crush on the famous porn star Sasha Grey. 27. He thinks it is great when a girl is a good sport about being a single chat online bit of a tease. 28. He loves to make love to a woman who is naked and cunnilingus loving. 29. He will not stop a woman from showing off her body even if he doesn't want to. 30. He will never allow himself to be dominated. 31. He is a great lover. 32. He will not put up with a woman who does not make him happy. 33. If she is wearing her birthday suit and is wearing a white blouse, he will not think you are stupid. 34. If she has on the dress and he has his blouse on, they are totally different. 35. She will have the best job in the country and is totally qualified, while he has a crappy job with no qualifications.