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men in hawaii

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Military and Dating Pals

"This is my life. I have to do it my way." That's how Josh Johnson explains his love for being a military brat. "I've always had a dream that one chatroom irani day I could do something that I was passionate about. I wanted to be a firefighter or a medic. But now I want to go into this industry, and be an engineer." Josh grew up in a military family in Hawaii. He attended boarding school and then the Naval Academy. In 2009, he enlisted in the US Navy and became a medic. After a year prison pen pals georgia in training, he served in Afghanistan.

A Marine medic with the Army Special Forces at Camp Leatherneck in 2009. When Josh left the Marines, he was looking to get out of the military as quickly as possible. He was in Hawaii american single girls in 2011 working as a firefighter, but he had been looking for a job for some time and finally had the right idea: a career in the military. In 2010, he enlisted in the US Navy Reserve, becoming a medic. The following year, he came back to Hawaii to do his last tour in Afghanistan and then returned to the US. He's been in Hawaii for about four years. Josh, 28, was born in Los Angeles and moved to San Diego when he was 4. He's been married to his high school sweetheart, a fellow marine, for 11 years. He has two boys, ages 4 and 6, and a daughter, 12 months old. He's been deployed for six years and was stationed in Japan for two months, where he served as a medic. He's currently tattooed guys living in Hawaii with his wife, their children and their friend. He says his biggest problem in Hawaii is having to take care of a 2-year-old, but they're getting there. They've even put a special website together to help get married. "There's a lot of stress that comes with working here. But our relationship is great," he says. "I love this place."

Here are just a few of his favorite tips from the post, and a few others from his own blog:

1. If you need to ask your wife out on a date, go for it. "Ask her on a date before you're a single mom. Then, once you've hit your own career milestones, when your life is full of possibilities, it'll make sense to invite her out on a date."

2. Don't talk about it too much. "I would tell her no when it comes to talking about her time with the military… she has a long and complicated relationship with her military service and she doesn't want to have to think about it every time we date… and I think she'd like the comfort of knowing it is no one's business but hers."

3. Don't let having a boyfriend in the army her make it awkward. "Don't let her feel like you're invading her privacy to make it less awkward. There's no need to talk about the military in public. Your military service is your secret and nobody will see you talking to this girl unless she's interested."

4. Be honest. "Be honest with her… she doesn't want to go into detail about her past experiences… she needs to know you're there for her. Don't try to be a hero, it won't work, they won't want you. Just be honest and ask her why she thinks you're important."

5. Don't be afraid to tell someone you're not in the military. "You will be judged more harshly if you don't say it. Don't worry if you don't talk to your friends about it. They're likely to think you're a little weirded out."

6. Keep it in the military. "The military is a great way to get some real work done, especially if you're in a team."

7. Have a lot of sex. "If you're not feeling good, you're probably tired. It's not really healthy to have single chat online too much sex. Don't worry too much about the details, and don't be shy about having some fun with people."

8. Don't get drunk. "If you're getting drunk and having fun, you're a bad person. It's kind of sad, really. You shouldn't do that."

9. Don't go into bars alone. "If someone is not there to have a good time with you, I don't want to know them."

10. Don't go to a bar alone if you're dating a woman. "If you're going to be out and about with a guy and you meet someone, don't be surprised if she's not there."

11. If you get to the bar alone, ask the bartender or bartender's boyfriend about your date. "I've thailand cupid dating found that if I make them talk, the girl goes a long way."

12. Don't be a total dick and ask a woman if you can take her to the bar. "I'll be the one asking her if she wants to go to the bar with me. This will show she doesn't really think I'm a total dick."

13. If a woman is too drunk, and you feel that you can't keep her drunk, ask her if she can go home with you. "It's my right to take her home. That's my prerogative."

14. If she's too high to get drunk, just get her to a bar and tell her you want to have a good time. You don't have to go through with it, but at the very least, you want to try.

15. Don't drink or drink yourself into a coma. "A woman is not worth this type of trouble."

16. If she makes out with you when you're drunk, tell her so. "The next time you find yourself getting caught up in a bar fight, it may be your last chance to impress this young lady."

17. If she's into you at a party, get her a drink or two. "I'm serious, if she gets into it with you, she's going to make you uncomfortable.