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"I want to say that my date and I are a very close group of friends. In fact, our whole group is friends and we can be seen walking with the other students around campus in the mornings. We have a good amount of time together. I am not really sure if that's right, but I don't mind telling you this, and I'm not trying to be a gossip. I'm just trying to be open with you and share my experience." -Rachael "I love you, honey. You have no idea how much thailand cupid dating I want to spend time with you." -Alex "I'm from Iraq. There were a lot of times in our training that I would just go to sleep and I don't remember anything from the day. I can't remember much, and sometimes I can't remember my own name or even my last name. I've never really had much luck at it, so I guess it's probably not something you would want to try." -Rachael "What is it, Rachael? You think you're just one of those people that are used to just not having a boyfriend because of this thing? What are you, some kind of sociopath?" -Alex "Yeah. Maybe I was just raised to be that way. I don't know. My parents are just different." -Rachael "No. I mean, it seems like you two have a very different upbringing from what it's like to date the military." -Alex "That, like, depends on what you want to believe." -Rachael "No, I think we both have our flaws." -Alex "And we both do." -Rachael "It just happens that I'm not really a very good kisser. I guess that's part of it." -Alex "Yeah, you're having a boyfriend in the army pretty bad at it." -Rachael "No, I'm just bad at it because I don't really like kissing. I like talking." -Alex "Okay, but you're still a horrible kisser." -Rachael "I am, but it's probably a thing because I'm just really not that good at it." -Alex "Oh, I see. So, let's just say you both have good taste in movies." -Rachael "But that's not all. I am pretty much the worst kisser in the entire military. No, I can't even really kiss well. It's not that I don't like kissing, just that I have trouble doing it. And I don't think I even really know what to do with my mouth." -Alex "It is pretty common for people in the military to have a hard time actually kissing. I mean, it's not even like it's something you should want to do, but it's still not something you shouldn't try. I mean, in a military setting, if you can't kiss, you can't really do anything." -Rachael "It's also very rare to find a guy tattooed guys who is really single chat online into mexican culture. Most guys I've met in the military are into the military and military-inspired music and movies. I don't even know what "culture" is, but I'll say that some of them are into a lot of the same things as the rest of us. I mean, the military doesn't necessarily encourage that kind of thing, but it's still pretty rare. I'd say that the only time I've seen a guy who really likes mexican culture was after I moved back to the US and started dating someone else from the military." -Holly "A lot of guys are into mexican culture, but it's just a very few. It was more like a handful. They'd have a lot of mexican-themed friends who they'd hang out with. I'd just be like, "Cool!" You'd be like, "Oh yeah?" And then you'd go out with them." -Josh "For the most part, I'm into a lot of military stuff and have no real problem with it. I think it's a nice part of the culture. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't be a soldier. I'm a big supporter of the armed forces and am very active." -Eric "We had a buddy of ours that was stationed in Afghanistan and he loved it. I told him about how great it was to have friends, but that it wasn't for everyone. He said he'd be chatroom irani just fine. So, we went for a drink in the barracks. The rest is history." -Josh

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Josh is a student at a university in Texas, USA. He has lived in the US for 10 years, and has been in the US army for 6. He served his country in Iraq from December 2010 to April 2011, where he served as a rifleman. His goal is to enlist in the Marine Corps, where he hopes to be an infantryman.

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"I've been to a few parties and it's amazing how close people get when you have nothing to do with them. It's a really awesome feeling to get to know people that I've grown up with. I also have an amazing girlfriend, who is american single girls one of my best friends in the world. She is really cool and the two of us have a great friendship. She knows all my secrets and I know everything she's doing. We are inseparable." The military offers a variety of benefits. I'm looking to go through basic training and I really want to go on the battlefield. I have a really good job that I can make a lot of money at and I'm hoping to get my GED. I'm also looking to join the military, but I'm not sure what my prison pen pals georgia job will be yet. I'm really hoping to get the military GED because I love school and I want to get a degree. I have friends that have been in the army, so I'm looking to go to boot camp and maybe be in the Army right after boot camp. It seems like everyone I know in the military is really fun. I just think everyone is really good at what they do and we all work really hard.