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military butt

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"The butt has always been a great area of interest in the military," says Sgt. Maj. James Gifford, an instructor at West Point who spent 30 years at the academy, from 1968 to 2012, as a commander of cadets and enlisted men. "I didn't start the butt conversation until I got to West Point."

Butt is one of those little-used terms that seems to have been around for a long time and to have been a hot topic for all manner of military men. And so, here's a look at what men of all ages are talking about when it comes to butt, and how it has changed over the years.

What are the most popular words associated with the butt?

For starters, "butt" is one of the first words anyone thinks of when they start talking about the american single girls butt — after all, it's a pretty common spot to start your sentence and has an almost infinite number of variations, and it was already used in the military a long time ago. But that doesn't make it the most popular.

The most commonly used word to describe the butt, in order, is "butt-head." The phrase "butt-head" is often used as an insult, as in, "That's the butt of my problem." The term "butt-head" is also the second most used term for "butt," trailing only "butt" by a sizable margin. In fact, one study found that more than 10 percent of all American adults prison pen pals georgia use the word "butt" to describe their own butt.

What else can we expect as we continue to learn more about butt?

While you may never have to deal with butt in the military, you may in your everyday life. The term "butt-head" has already become slang to describe anyone who is overweight, but that's not to say the term isn't just as common to use as the original "butt." For instance, the word "butt" is often used in thailand cupid dating the phrase "butt-head," which single chat online is something many people might never even know exists.

Here's how that might sound to you, "Hey, this chick from the army had a butt. I like her butt!" If she's wearing a cute tank top and a pair of tight jeans , you'd likely refer to her as "butt-head."

You know what they say about a person with big butt. They're not too shy, and they don't mind if you call them a butt. A lot of people will even do so.

But it may be the little things, like not being overly concerned with how your butt looks or sounds, that are often the difference between a person who has a large butt and someone who has a small one. "It's kind of like a 'look at me, not look at me!' kind of attitude. That's one reason why we like the military," says Michelle Hays, an occupational therapist at the Navy and Air Force Medical Services Institute. "But you can still have your butt out if you want to. And I don't think it's a big deal." If you're a person who would prefer to have no butt, you'll need to go to your recruiter and ask what it means to be "out of the butt-line" or "out of butt-shape." But the best way to figure out what you're looking for is to get some butt-shaped photos and put those to the test. Hays has been doing so since 1995. "I had to train myself to take off my clothes and put on the shoes," says Hays, who graduated from the University of North Texas in 2002. "But it was so great. You get to get out of your butt, and you can feel it. And I've always been a great dancer."

"I'm not a great dancer," says Hays, a 25-year-old college student from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. "But I'm not a butt-less person." He has been using the butt-shaped photos as a way to make friends and improve his dance moves. "I'm learning tattooed guys a lot of new tricks, like putting my arms behind my head," says Hays.

Hays' butt-shaped friends from the military say that it's become more and more common for military butt-suckers to find each other through their chatroom irani shared military service. "We're definitely a social group," says Capt. Scott Haggard. "We're a bit more social than the general population." Haggard, who served as a paratrooper in the military's 101st Airborne Division, began using the photos last year. "I used them in a number of videos," he says. "I felt the need to get back into doing videos with it." Haggard, who retired in 2007, says he's become more sensitive to the negative stereotypes of having a boyfriend in the army military butt-sucking. "When people see me on TV, they usually see the butt," he says. "And so that's kind of how I wanted to start this project." The images, which range from a female soldier getting her butt rubbed by a male infantryman to a woman with her hands on her hips and buttocks, will be available as part of the website, but only through the end of June. "I really wanted to do something a bit different than the normal thing that's been put on TV," Haggard says. "It's really about showing the reality of being a soldier and the real-life situation." It's hard to tell whether Haggard's project is going to be controversial. In 2006, the Defense Department's inspector general called the Pentagon's policy to encourage butt-sucking "a good start," but said more must be done. Last year, the Army even started to allow soldiers to use the military's new "Padded Pants" program to reduce the amount of fat that must be lost. The new regulations allow fat-burners to shave the legs, upper arms, chest, and shoulders of the soldiers. It's not yet clear what that means for Haggard's project, but the new rules should be a boon for soldiers who want to go bare-chested.