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"If we were to look at our father's career we would find that he has been deployed four times to Iraq, two times to Afghanistan and he was once deployed to the Middle East."

"We would look at his military career, look at where he was deployed and then look at our father's education at UCLA and find that, after graduation, he did not finish the program he was supposed to chatroom irani finish in graduate school. That's why we're in this situation. That's why he has had to go into military service and we have to go through this process."

"That is my father. That is our relationship."

"So my father did come back to this country after he came back from Iraq and he served for two years before he got kicked out. It would be fair to say that our relationship was formed in the military and not at school and that is what we want to make sure we never forget."

"We are looking at all these things and we're also looking at our children and making sure that we're looking at their best interests and also what the family is, but having a boyfriend in the army also what is in the best interest of the child, because we can't have this one family do that one thing, our families will suffer. They will suffer."

"The question that I have is how can I help with this family and the question that the media does not ask: How can I help you get past the fact that you're gay thailand cupid dating and that I'm gay and you're the reason you're going through this?"

"I was there when my father came back to this country. I'm here to tell you that he was one of the best men I ever met in my life. He worked his butt off, his life was dedicated to America, and it made a huge difference in my life and that of my family."

"He came to this country in the mid '70s. He served in the Vietnam War and then came back and we grew up and we came to the United States and we worked, he did his part, and then we grew up together and it was love at first sight."

This is the transcript of this interview that was recently conducted by prison pen pals georgia the Washington Blade on May 6, 2011, by Dan Rolle (photo below, top, right). In this interview, Dan Rolle is speaking with a former US Marine who is gay. The interviewer is asking him how he can help other gay Marines and the former Marine says that he can help gay Marines as well because he knows one of them.

Dan Rolle: You know I have a friend. I was stationed in Germany at a base, and I was deployed there from December of '68 up to March of '70. I mean, that was a big year, and there were a couple of my buddies that I've worked with. So we all sort of became very close, and we just stayed together. I actually was stationed there a week before the Berlin Wall came down in '69 and I was there for about a year, and it was a very big thing for my friends. So it's funny, that was sort of the point where we really got to know each other, and we all really started to have that, that, you know, we're all in the same military, it's not something that you can't sort of get together with. Mike: Yeah, and you were, as I said, your best buddy, your best friend, so you'd have, you'd have, you'd get together. So there's that sort of thing. But then there was also, I guess, a point where I was in the Air Force for a few years, and it was just, it wasn't really the same. We were sort of a family, like I said, but you know, it was, we didn't go to the same clubs. We were just different. We'd have a drink and hang out. We just kind of grew apart. I don't know, I guess because you just kind of got to know your troops a little bit differently, you know? It just didn't work out for me. You know, I don't know. But I got married at 19 to a guy who tattooed guys was a sergeant, and he had my whole family over to his house. He brought my sister and her mother and my brother and their dad over, so we got married, and then you start getting all these other girls and boys, and you find that your family is kind of a bunch. It was kind of like, "You know what, I think I'm going to have a good time here." But american single girls you're still kind of a straight dude in the military, and I never really fit in.

AVC: Do you have any specific memories of that?

LB: I think that when I got out of the military and settled down, there were a couple of friends of mine that I hung out with, and they all had this big house with the ocean front view, and they had these really awesome kids that they had all gone out for. And I thought, "Oh, I could live with that!" It's just so different, and it's not really a choice, but there's a lot of guys who are out there just like, "I'm just going to live single chat online here and get married to this girl and have kids and have a life," and I think that that's just so different, but it's like a huge part of their lives, and I think for that guy it's probably a little better, because you have all this freedom that you wouldn't have if you weren't out.


AVC: How do you get guys to do this, then? Is it like, "Get out of the military, find a girlfriend, and go get married"?

LB: Yeah, I think that the whole thing is a little bit of a game, and you really have to have that sense of playfulness to be able to do that, because if you're not playful you're not really doing it.