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military girls com

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Military Women in the Media

Military women in the media has gotten a lot of publicity over the past few years. Some popular news outlets like CNN have started their own women's programs featuring women who are serving. Other popular news sources like CBS have also started women's programs.

If you are curious about how many women are actually serving in the military, it is very difficult to know because military personnel often don't want to divulge the details of their duty. If they don't want the media to know, they are too scared to reveal their gender. If they do, then the media will find out and they will be shamed for it. So for the average person who is a military enthusiast, the military women in the media is quite exciting. However, as I mentioned earlier, the military women are not representative of the rest of the American military. There are many exceptions to the rule, like this beautiful female soldier who recently served with the Marine Corps. It's not only beautiful, it's a great woman and a fantastic model to follow on the internet. So if you are into a beautiful model who is also a military fan, please don't feel shy to reach out to us!

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