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military man

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Military man: What is the military life like for you?

Military man: I'm not a soldier, so I'm not sure what a military life is like. I would have a lot of questions, though. I can't imagine what that would be like. Do you see yourself in a military role? I'm not going to go into the details of that because I don't know. I just want to know what you think.

What do you want out of life? I'm thinking about all kinds of things: family, friends, work, etc. I also want to get into a more professional career and have children someday. What about music? I would like to try out more rock and roll, I like the music of the '60s. My favorites are the Beatles. What's a great memory about you? I was at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for my junior year and I was walking around campus and I saw the band the Flaming Lips. I knew they were on the way to the airport so I bought them a round-trip ticket on the bus. What are your hobbies? What are your plans for the future? I have some ideas, but there's a lot of paperwork to do. I have a masters in chemical engineering at Ohio State University and I have the next five years to get this degree done. Are there any hobbies you would like to improve on? Do you have any favorite authors or authors? I'm a fan of the Harry Potter books, but I'm a huge fan of all the other books and books by authors like Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, and James Joyce.

What does it mean to you to be called a feminist? It's a big responsibility. Do you think that your gender, race, or american single girls sexuality makes you any less of a person? I believe that I am an equal human being and that I'm entitled to prison pen pals georgia all the rights and privileges that thailand cupid dating a human being is entitled to. What are you currently reading? I read a lot of books, but I also listen to a lot of music and I love reading books, particularly fantasy books. What books or authors are you looking forward to reading in the near future? I'm hoping to read some of the books I've been reading. I also want to read the other authors' books, but it's very difficult to find books that I'd like to read. Where can I find out more about you and your work? I am an editor on The Miseducation of Cameron Post and I am the author of the upcoming book The New Republic: From the Inside out, which is a book about the evolution of the New Republic, which was founded in 1847 and was a liberal-leaning magazine single chat online founded in New York. What is your favourite kind of book? The classics. It's the same kind of books that have been written by great authors in the past. I want to read some of those classics and I have a little list that I'm working on. It's not yet finished, but it will be complete by the time I finish it. What's your favourite television show? My favorite is Breaking Bad, but I also love Breaking Bad and Mad Men. What is your favourite movie? I like The Lord of the Rings, but I've always loved Raiders of the Lost Ark, because I think it's an allegory of the world that we live in now. There's also a certain kind of romantic love story that goes like this: It's not necessarily what you're thinking about, but it's a kind of magic. You're like, "Oh, it's like, the way you're thinking about something makes it feel so real." What's your favourite thing to wear? I wear all of my clothes to work, and for work I wear the same thing. But on weekends I can usually find a good pair of trousers that I like. What would you do if you were a superhero? I would be a super hero! [laughing] I'd be an anti-hero because I love people. And tattooed guys that's one of the things that makes me special. That's the thing that makes me different. What's your favourite band? It's hard to say. I'm always a sucker for good rock music. You know, the stuff from the '60s, '70s, '80s, it just kind of works for me. But if it's a bit of a pop tune, I can't stand it. You know, it's the same thing with all things – you have to be careful. What kind of car do you own? It's a Nissan Maxima. I just bought it just recently and it's got a bit of leather on it and it's great, but I'm not too keen on the car. What's the coolest band you've ever seen in the Army? I mean, I guess the Grateful Dead. [Laughter.] I've been to a few of them. And I saw a movie, I think it was a film about this guy named John Wayne Gacy, and I was in it. I really loved it and was really impressed with it, but I don't really know what to make of it. The thing that I like the best is all of the other soldiers who come over. [Laughter.] I've always been a huge fan of the military. I mean, my whole having a boyfriend in the army life I've been fascinated with the military. I think it's the one place where there's almost no crime in it, no crime. I mean, really. You know, I think that the people who live there can be pretty crazy, but there's a very nice atmosphere there. It's not like, you know, in the rest of the country, where, you know, all the chatroom irani time the streets are full of drugs and everybody's getting caught up in it. I mean, I always thought that the military was a really good place to live.