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military men

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10 . The Art of the Date with a Marine

Marine Corps veteran and professional photographer Joe MacKay captures some of his favorite moments with his Marine buddies in a new documentary titled "The Art of the Date." MacKay, who served in Iraq with the Marine Corps, spent six chatroom irani years traveling around the world documenting the lives thailand cupid dating of his Marines in action and sharing that experience with the world. MacKay shares the stories of his Marine buddies, including those in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with those from his own life growing up in the Army.

"I'm lucky enough to have a close group of friends, but it's rare to have them all in the same place at the same time," MacKay said. "I had to take a risk and be in situations I was never used to. I was in Iraq with my squad when they deployed and it was a bit of a different vibe."

"It's a special bond of camaraderie, but the camaraderie is one thing," he added. "The bond of camaraderie with your peers is a completely different thing. It's so much more powerful tattooed guys when you share something that's special to you with another person."

"The Art of the Date" features over 30 scenes with MacKay american single girls capturing his Marines in action, from fighting in Afghanistan to enjoying a barbeque on a boat on the Hudson with having a boyfriend in the army a Marine. MacKay says that his Marines are among the most professional and dedicated men he has ever worked with, and they all respect each other and give each other a chance to fail.

MacKay has been in the Marines for five years. He was assigned to the 442nd Marine Expeditionary Unit as a civilian contractor after the September 11th attacks.

MacKay told me that he is in good shape and feels great. "I'm in pretty good shape, but I'm not in the best shape yet," he said.

MacKay will be back in Afghanistan at the end of the year and plans to serve his last tour there. "I'm going to go back to Afghanistan in a year, and I'm going to stay there," he said. "I will see it through." He said he will spend his last few months of active duty in the field.

MacKay is a "very laid back guy." He told me he is a good listener and that his biggest concern was being able to see his family. He said he is going to do a lot of research before coming home, and he plans on finding a job in the future.

MacKay's wife and daughters, Kayla and Jessica, live with him at the military base. MacKay has lived in the area since 2003. He said the area is a great place to live because there is so much natural beauty. "There are so many great places in this community," he said.

I asked if he has had to worry about the possibility of losing his job if he goes back to the military. "I've had no issues," he said. "I've done it in a military environment and I've never had to do anything like that. I don't know that we'll ever see a time where we'll have to do that."

MacKay's decision to leave the Air Force comes after a long stint in the military that included more than five years in the Peace Corps. During that time he has served with the Royal Canadian Air Force, as well as with other branches of the military. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 2013. In March 2015 he was named a member of the Canadian Armed Forces' Special Operations Command, one of seven Special Operations Forces (SOF) in Canada. He has also had experience in counterterrorism and counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. In March 2011, MacKay was invited to Afghanistan by Canadian Forces Command to train Afghan police. He spent 12 weeks at Bagram Airfield in the northern part of the country where he met and trained a team of 10 Afghan police officers, who were then sent to a training camp in the town of Kunduz.

The next year MacKay deployed to Baghdad where he led a team of Special Forces soldiers. MacKay returned to the country in November 2012, where he trained a group of Iraqi special forces officers in how to use small arms and grenade launchers, as well as to conduct intelligence gathering. In March 2013, MacKay was again invited to train Iraqi soldiers, but this time he trained a special unit that would act as a "stabilizing force" between the Iraqi government and the insurgents. MacKay went on to command a Special Forces training unit and then lead a counter-terrorism unit in Afghanistan. In December 2013, MacKay and his soldiers were part of a team that conducted a raid on a mosque in Jalalabad. MacKay led a team of soldiers in the raid in January 2014, which killed two Taliban fighters. MacKay took part in a mission that went wrong when the Taliban sent a large number of men to the base during a nighttime reconnaissance. MacKay and his team, which included prison pen pals georgia Afghan Special Forces officers, attacked the base and killed a number of Taliban fighters. The Special Forces team also found a cache of ammunition in the base, which they took. In February 2014, MacKay was once again invited to train Iraqi soldiers and was asked to lead an Iraqi force. In April 2014, MacKay was part of a team sent to an abandoned Iraqi camp to find a sniper. The team found and captured an insurgent sniper . He then went to a base in Iraq to rescue an single chat online American soldier who had fallen in combat. The man had been left for dead by a local tribal leader, but was found alive. He was taken back to the base, where he was interrogated and handed over to a militia leader.