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navy man

This article is about navy man. If you ever wanted to find out more about dating pals from the military, this is for you. Read more of navy man:

#10. The Navy Man Is Not a Nice Guy

You might be surprised to hear that there are plenty of nice guys in the military. For chatroom irani many of us who come from a military background, this is the first time we've ever come across this. However, not all good guys are nice. The Navy Man can be one of those guys. He might not have a lot of friends, and even if he does, he might not get along with them all. But he can be a cool guy who makes good points. Here are 10 reasons why american single girls the Navy Man is the kind of guy you want to meet on a date with someone from the military:

1. He likes the prison pen pals georgia challenge of being an active duty person, and he is determined to make it as far as possible. 2. He is a great listener, and he can make your day by sharing his stories and knowledge about the military. 3. He wants having a boyfriend in the army to make new friends. 4. He has strong opinions about many topics. He is an active member in his area and can usually be found on patrol, going out to buy a coffee or single chat online buying a new pair of boots. 5. He is very easy going and never goes for the wrong person. 6. He is always willing to help someone out. 7. He is extremely loyal to his friends. 8. He can also be very funny. 9. He has a lot of friends in high places. 10. He is a huge hockey fan.

11. He is not into a lot of things. But if he did, he is the guy who would tell you. 12. The Navy has the world's only private navy, and the best officers in the world. 13. There is no way a sailor could go back to civilian life if he gets married. 14. There are no words to describe his love for women, and his respect for them. 15. You cannot take him seriously without him showing you some respect. 16. No one else would dare think of trying to find a wife for him, if only because of the fact that he was a naval man. 17. You may be looking for someone with a good job to work with and pay taxes to, but a navy man may be better suited to work with your parents and family. 18. He is never going to get you in trouble for smoking in public, or for being a bad son. 19. Even if he is an idiot in the sack, he knows thailand cupid dating the right thing to do, whether it be saving the planet or helping you get to your next promotion. He knows your business and that's all there is to it. 20. He will never be too proud to call himself a "sailor", because he is an American in the military, not a pirate. 21. If you get into a fight with him and he can't see your face, you are both losers. 22. He doesn't have the right to break your window, because he is a sailor.

In other words, he has all the right stuff to be a friend, but no right to get the girl. 23. He is not your father, not your uncle. This means that he cannot marry you or make you his heir. 24. He has a right to take all the money from your bank account without your consent. He is a pirate, not your uncle. 25. He has all the rights and responsibilities of your husband, not your brother. 26. He can force you to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 27. You can't get pregnant from a kiss. 28. He's got a right to wear a helmet in public. He's only allowed one, and he's wearing tattooed guys one of the most iconic ones. 29. There is a god in space, and if you want to get into his presence, you must do what he says. 30. The only thing you can say to a cop is "you're fucking with me" and he'll say "shut the fuck up" or something along those lines. 31. If you're caught going to a bar that serves alcoholic beverages, you will be treated to a free beer and you will have to pay. 32. If you go to a nightclub and the bouncer tries to take you home, he will make you take off your shoes and socks, and he will take the socks and shoes away from you. 33. You can never get rid of an old dog. The first thing it will do is make a mess and then lick its tail. 34. If you don't have a toothbrush, you can still use a toothbrush for about 90% of the time. 35. There is no such thing as a bad dog. 36. If you ask a kid to draw a map to a house, and the map doesn't fit, they will draw it on a piece of paper. 37. If a person has to wear sunglasses, then they are wearing the wrong type of sunglasses. 38. If you are tired and can't concentrate, the only time you will feel awake is when you are asleep. 39. If your child says "Mommy, Mommy, I am so hungry. I need a cookie", that is because you are starving. 40. If you are so obsessed with your own image, that you cannot stop yourself from looking in mirrors, you will look in the mirror and find that you have a massive hole in your waist, which will make it difficult for you to stand straight. 41. If you are the best of friends, you will be the most annoying person in the room. 42. If someone takes the time to make your birthday a special event, you will think you are an adult.