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north carolina army

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What is the North Carolina Army?

North Carolina Army is the largest and most active state-wide volunteer militia in the nation, with over 11,000 active members. It was founded by a group of former volunteers in 1989, and has a very clear and consistent plan. In order to fulfill this plan, North Carolina Army has organized and funded several different types of volunteer groups.

For example, there is a unit called the "Northern Guard," a national "civic security" unit that protects the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh, and is comprised of over 10,000 individuals in four regions. Another type of volunteer unit called the "Raleigh Rifles" serves as the only permanent military unit within the state. The "Raleigh Rifle" has been called the "poster children" of the state, as it was first organized and put to use within four years of the state's creation.

Another type of unit is called the "Mountain Valley Militia," which is the largest of its kind in the state. This type of group serves as a "battalion" within the Army, and is based in the western part of North Carolina. The state's tattooed guys largest "battalion" was actually composed of approximately 1,400 men.

In the final piece of the puzzle, there is american single girls the "Carolina National Guard," whose official headquarters is located in Cary, North Carolina. This unit is an all-volunteer unit that is composed of all military branches of the armed forces.

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