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pictures of army guys

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1. Army Staff Sergeant David Sperry

The only pictures of military guys we have in this article are of Staff Sergeants Sperry and Knecht. They are both retired Army Staff Sergeants, who served in the United States Army for over a decade and are now retired from the US Army as well. Both are retired prison pen pals georgia from the army, which means they don't have any money up front. So, it should come as no surprise that both of these guys are just about broke, and they are desperate to find love, so they have gone looking for other guys to date. They both love dating, but as you can see, their dating lives are quite different than one another.

2. Army Sergeant Michael R. Dillard

This guy, who has been in the military for a good while now, is still only 32 years old, and he has a wife and two kids. So, there's that. He's got a family to support, and he's still in the army and he wants to be a father. And, like the other two guys, he has a hard time getting dates in the military, because everyone else seems to be interested in having military spouses. He's just kind of stuck in there.

3. Army Spouse #4

Army Wife #4 is this girl from the Army, and this is the part where she starts talking about the benefits of being a wife.