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I was wondering if we could be friends, or at least meet each other's parents, in person. I'm a single gal from the south, and I have a lot of questions about people from my country.

If you're single, here's a short list of topics you could meet, or talk about:

1. What do we want out of life? (I would like a nice house, but a big house is an impossibility, so I'd prefer a tiny house and a small backyard)

2. What kind of relationship do we want? (I'd rather be with prison pen pals georgia a long-term relationship than be single forever. So I'm looking for someone having a boyfriend in the army that will be the same for a while, and I'd like someone who is happy to be single for me too.)

3. Are you in a same-sex relationship? (I'm gay, so I'm curious about what it's like to date someone of the same sex.)

4. Would you like to know what kind of relationship you have in mind? (I want to know how I could be with someone who would be a great addition to my life.)

5. Do you have a family? (I would be happy to meet my parents, but I would not be willing to be with someone that has a family.)

6. What do you believe is the best way to find someone? (I want someone who is mature enough to handle an open relationship, but still has some self-confidence, and can deal with my being single for a while.)

7. Are you willing to share your interests and goals? (I have a lot of ideas for what I would like to accomplish with someone else. I want to know where I stand in regards to my goals.)

8. What would make you happy? (I don't want to be in a relationship that is just for me. I want to have sex with someone who is interested in me.)

9. Would you consider having children with this person? (My mom is a big advocate of this idea and has already proposed it with my boyfriend, but I have been reluctant to make the move out of fear of being alone.)

10. Do you consider yourself bisexual? (I am not, but that doesn't mean I don't american single girls like to date guys. I'm just not very open to other people who aren't exclusively attracted to me, although I would like to grow to be more accepting of people who may be open minded.)

11. If you could marry one person, who would you choose and why? (My fiancee and I have been together for a few years, and we enjoy being together as a couple and we would love to have a family of our own.)

12. Would you like to get married before or after tattooed guys you get pregnant? (I would probably have a baby before I had my first baby, but then I might want to get married and have a child before I was pregnant.)

13. Do you like people of other ethnicities or skin color? (Not really, I don't think I have any special affinity with people who are different, but I'd really like to meet someone who is different than me and share some of the same interests and interests.)

14. Have you ever dated someone who was overweight? (I've dated men who were overweight, and I don't like it when someone treats me like a child. I like to see a person's body, just as a person who is taller than me, is tall.)

15. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island for a long time, which of these things would you most like to do? (I'd really like to visit the ocean and maybe have a beach trip.)

16. How would you react if a man asked you out on a date? (I would be really embarrassed, but would probably go out with him anyway. But I would be really surprised if he asked me out.)

17. Who is your favorite actor? (I don't think there's a good actor out there I would want to date. But, maybe I just don't know anyone really good.)

18. If single chat online you could date anyone, but were a vegetarian, which one would you choose? (A vegetarian.)

19. If you had a time machine and could chatroom irani travel any time in the past, present, or future, what would you want to see? (I would go to the moon.)

20. If you could take any one person and make them into an adult, what would it be? (I would make a boy who was the leader of a gang of teen girls into an adult who was in charge of all the girls. That way he would be more responsible.)

21. What would you like to be when you grow up? (That is the question that I ask myself daily, for I am always so unhappy in my current situation.)

22. What do you do on the weekends? (We all do it, but I find that I like my free time in the morning, or when I can get it.)

23. You have a lot of friends, and you are close with all of them. However, they seem to be the type of people that don't seem to get along. What do you do to try to get the best out of them? (It's always the same thing, you try to make friends that will have a different opinion than you do.)

24. Do you get along with other girls in school? (Yes, I get along with most of my classmates. I do have my friends that are much more outgoing than me.)

25. What is your favorite song to sing at a party? (I like most music. I like the ones that I have made myself, and I enjoy singing to them. I think it sounds really cool to be a singer at a party. It's a good chance to have a bit of fun.)

26. How do you feel when you get a lot of flack? (I feel really nice about getting flack, and I thailand cupid dating try to be a good person to everyone in my life, even if I have some people that I don't get along with, but that's my own personal preference.