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russ simons

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In the meantime, here are some of the guys who got the best bang for the buck in my book. You may be surprised at what I found out about the sex life of our heroes.

Drew Barrymore: I first met her as a 16-year-old freshman at Yale. She was studying Russian history, and, to my surprise, I was getting along tattooed guys very well with her and our fellow student, Tom Gaffney, who was a freshman in my sophomore year. They made a good team. It was a very nice, warm friendship. I remember one night, we were having drinks and, looking at her, I said, "I don't know what I am doing, but I think I am dating a Russian girl." She laughed and said, "Why are thailand cupid dating you so surprised?" I said, "Well, I have read that you were born in Russia, and that you were a soldier in the Soviet Army." She was very shocked. She didn't know how it had come to this. She said, "What do you mean?" I said, "You know, I'm in love with you, and I have been for over a decade now." She said, "You're crazy!"

She went on to say that it felt like I was in love with her. She thought I was crazy, because I had been married twice, and I had had three children, and I had worked full time for my family. I didn't even have a girlfriend in school. But this girl said to me, "You're not crazy!" And I said, "I know, I am, but I can't find out how it is. It must be the Russians!" And she said, "You're right!" I said, "But how can you believe that?"

At a very early age, I started to realize that love is a very emotional thing. I know people have asked me about that, and it was never part of my personal life, so I won't tell. But my wife's first question was always, "How do you know I'm okay? How do you know you love me? What do you do?" My mother was very protective of me, and she was worried.

I don't think she expected me to have a career and take care of the kids, but she knew I loved her. She would say, "I just need you to tell me how you feel." And I'd tell her what I wanted to tell her, like, "I want to do the right thing," and I'd explain to her how I felt. And she'd say, "It sounds so stupid, I want to understand you." And I'd say, "I can't explain how it is, and you have to ask." And she'd go, "But what's the worst that can happen?" And I'd say, "It's like I don't have feelings, and I have to trust this person I love. And if she tells me something that's going to make me hurt, I don't know what to say. How do I know you're okay? How do you know you love me?" And she'd say, "Well, I can't explain that. But I know that I can trust you and know that you'll do the right thing." And I'd think, "If you could just understand that, that would be single chat online so much better." But it wasn't until we'd gone through that process of figuring out, if I love you and if I need you, how do I explain to you that I love you? So she had to give me that permission to tell her. And I think she thought I was crazy. And she wasn't crazy, but that was just the beginning. And when she realized that, that was a chatroom irani huge moment. I didn't know then that I'd be able to tell her. So I was like, "Oh, okay." [Laughs] It was just a matter of learning to say, "I love you." And when you know that, you get to make that decision. And she would say, "It's OK." It just sort of became part having a boyfriend in the army of our family.

It didn't just take off. It just seemed like something that we always wanted to do.

She's such a great person, and she's not your typical chick, but she's the kind of chick you want to be with. So it was really hard for me to make the decision prison pen pals georgia to make this big move. But it turned out, she was one of those chicks who I liked and wanted to date, and she's been the same ever since, and we're still very close. I've got to be honest, I was just so american single girls happy that I made the right choice to take this on. I mean, it was really, really hard, you know? I mean, there's been a lot of drama in our past, so I had to really put myself in a position where I was able to say, "OK, now that it's all over, I have to do something I'm really passionate about, and I know I can't do it on my own," and I got myself into that position where I'm kind of comfortable with doing this. That's something I have to tell myself, because I want to make sure I know that this is not a place for me to go in and just be. I don't know what that feels like, you know? It was really cool to go on this journey with her, so I'm really excited about it, and I'm really proud of her, and she's just amazing. She's such a great person and a great actress, and I think I've gotten to know her very well already, so it's really a dream come true. That's right, the most important thing is not how long you stay, but how long you leave. I mean, that's a pretty huge part of it. I think it's one of the big reasons why I really love working with her on that.