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Army Staff Sergeant Chris Durning and Army Reserve Sergeant Brian Wessels are currently living together at their home near Nashville, Tennessee. Chris and Brian met in 2007 at West Point, where they worked together as the battalion intelligence officer. In 2008, they both transferred to the Air Force. Chris was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base (LA) where he served as the single chat online Air Combat Management Officer for the U-2 program.

Chris and Brian live in the same neighborhood and have been dating for over a year now. Chris and Brian have been friends since they were 14 years old and both went to West Point together. Chris is currently a second lieutenant with the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Air Assault).

Chris and Brian are in their mid-twenties and they met as roommates at West Point in 2007. The two decided to get married in 2009 after the two found each other in West Point. They both graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2013, and have since been promoted to sergeant and are currently serving on a combat aircraft in Baghdad. Chris and Brian are active duty airmen, as are their mother, and their three younger siblings.

Chris is the lead singer for a rock band called "Lionel's Tomb" and is married to his high school sweetheart, Heather. He lives in West Virginia and has a family in Florida. His nickname is "Sailor" for his ability to play guitar.

Brian and Chris are two active duty Air Force guys from Georgia tattooed guys who are in their early 30s and married. They were married in 2009, and moved to Arkansas a year later. They were deployed to Iraq in 2009. Brian is a flight engineer, Chris an operations officer in the Air Force Reserve, and their daughter is in college and they live on a farm. They are both active duty and have been married for prison pen pals georgia 7 years and have 3 kids. I know this isn't an obvious topic, but it has some special meaning to me and my readers. When I was in the Air Force, I served for a couple years as a pilot in the 80's. I flew F-16 and american single girls F/A-18 fighter jets, and flew a lot of combat and transport missions. I was also part of the Air Mobility Command's ground combat mission, which is basically a group of military forces that are tasked with defending the country from air attacks, which is the worst enemy that we could ever possibly have. I spent a lot of time with other people who were in the same type of flight school as I was, and that is why I knew so much about flying and aviation, including how to stay warm while airborne. My job was to get our F-16s in the air as quickly as possible, and then we would land, make our chatroom irani way to the ground base, and then get some more fuel, and then fly home, or to our home base. As soon as I started flying, I found out that I would have to do a lot of my flying with guys who were about my age and had similar backgrounds, such as being in the Air Force, then working in the military, and now being a civilian, so there was a lot of overlap. One of the things that was important to me was that I had to find other people in the same type of flight school as I was. There is only so much that you can learn from one person. If you have to go through the same training over and over again, it doesn't help you. You have to be able to find other people who are having a boyfriend in the army doing the same thing you are. A couple of years ago, my friends, Chris and Steve were in college. Chris was an Air Force pilot, and Steve was a Marine. They both wanted to meet a good person in the military, so they started their own Air Force dating site. I had just left the military, and wanted to meet more guys to hook up with. They were good at it, and I found a couple in the military that I could have met through this dating site. After my buddy Joe moved on, I had a new goal of becoming a military boyfriend. I was a bit of a loner, so I thought it would be a fun time to get to know a lot of guys. One of the thailand cupid dating guys I knew at the time was a recruiter who worked for the Air Force. I sent him some messages, but the last message was about me and him going to a bar. I didn't have much to offer him in that message, but he responded by asking how I was doing. I said that I was at a friend's wedding, and he told me he was going to tell me a story about some of the women he had been with. He said he was on his way to go talk to my girlfriend, and told me that if I was up for it, he'd go with me. It seemed like a good story to me, and he didn't seem like a person that I was going to have to tell stories to. So we ended up at a bar, and after drinking a little, we went back to my friend's. We went back to the same place, but I didn't want to go to his place. We stayed at his friend's place for a while, but I just wanted to get away from him. I wanted to see if we could talk about our friendship and things I had been going through. We got to talking about the times that he had fucked me, how he'd gotten me to come back for another round, etc.