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1. Army Private Anthony S. Wilson, 21, from Florida, was recently found hanged in his barracks by a friend who found him hanging from a toilet door. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the 22-year-old Army private was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. His family reported that Wilson was a "diamond in the rough" who was struggling with a major mental illness. On June 10, 2012, Wilson left his home to visit friends who lived nearby, and american single girls returned later that night to find his room filled with friends of his. He then killed himself. The next day, friends of the family discovered Wilson's body hanging from the top of his toilet door. While the family has no idea what tattooed guys caused Wilson to commit suicide, friends of his and family members stated that he was depressed due to the stress of a recent prison pen pals georgia relationship breakup and the stress of his assignment at Fort Bragg.

The circumstances of Wilson's death are still a mystery, and it is not clear what his motives were in killing himself. What is known is that his family was shocked to learn of his suicide, and are continuing to search for answers. It is still not clear how Wilson ended up hanging himself, or if there chatroom irani is any explanation as to why his roommates thought Wilson was suicidal. In fact, it is believed that this was a typical case of "The Cribs" (meaning the roommates he lived with in the Marine Corps, as he had only been there a couple of weeks). It could also be that they were just being mean to Wilson because he was dating a new girl, but that has not been proven. Wilson's roommate said that he had known him since they were kids, and he had been friends with Wilson for about 10 years. Wilson lived with his roommate for 10 years. "I think he was an interesting guy," the roommate said. "He was a great kid. He had a great life." He described Wilson as "a really nice kid, very intelligent, he was a bit introverted but he was friendly. He was a great student, I mean he really was." The roommate said he had never seen Wilson with a girl, but he would have liked to. "I never met a guy, maybe two, and he was one of those guys that was really, really nice. He was just so, like, an awesome guy," the roommate said. But he said Wilson's friends never had a chance to try out for the platoon, because his commander told him he was too young. After a few weeks of trying out, he was sent back to the battalion. "Yeah, I think the guys liked him a lot. I think the sergeant saw having a boyfriend in the army him as a good soldier," the roommate said. The roommate said the men were just happy to be there.

Wilson was supposed to graduate from the Army in the summer of 2012, but he never got his diploma. Wilson's mother says her son has a lot of anger and anger management problems. Wilson told ABC News that he did not leave the unit, but he went home. His mother, who was with him when he went home, said he got back together with some of his old buddies from the unit.

"He said, 'Yeah, my best friend's back, and I know who his best friend is," the friend said. The friend said she was told that Wilson's best friend was in a relationship with another woman. "The friend said to me, 'I just can't believe this. This is so ridiculous, " the friend said. "I just looked at him and I could see he was devastated." Wilson's best friend said that he is trying to understand how someone could be so hurt. "That was something that I've never in a million years imagined that would happen," she said. After a week, his mom had some thoughts. "He said, 'Mom, I just want to go home.' And then he said, 'I don't understand. I don't understand.' He said that he's been there. He said he just wanted to go home," she said. The friend added that Wilson had to talk to a chaplain to see if they could talk about the situation with him alone. But, he was still on edge. "That was just what he needed to hear. He didn't need to see a psychiatrist," she said. But she says Wilson's actions were not random, he knew that. "That was a plan. And that was the plan that he put in motion, and we were all ready for that plan," she said. "I didn't think the person was going to die," she said. Wilson was found dead on April 20, 2013, from a single gunshot wound to the chest. "It wasn't a random person that killed him," she said. "He was a planned person, and we were all prepared for that."

Her comments follow single chat online a report in the Wall Street Journal, which reported that the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit has found that the Army is considering expanding its investigation into Bradley Manning, the former US soldier who leaked thousands of classified government documents to WikiLeaks. The report was made public on March 3, the day that the US Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order to prevent Manning from being forcibly transferred to the US, and his court-martial scheduled for March 19. The FBI's investigation is into whether he thailand cupid dating "intentionally" gave the documents to the website. The case of Bradley Manning, who was arrested in Kuwait last year and is being held at the US Naval prison in Quantico, Virginia, has been an issue for the US government as it continues to pursue charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for six years.