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singles in lawton ok

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The "Stony Brook" Bar

Lawton OK is home to the "Stony Brook" bar, located just off the main street on the second floor of the building, which having a boyfriend in the army also serves as a public library. The bar serves up a variety of drinks, including a few draft beers and house-brewed beer, along with cocktails. The drinks single chat online are cheap and very drinkable, which is pretty surprising for a bar that costs thousands to move in. The drinks are not very good though. The beer selection is generally awful, and the bartenders are always having fun, but the drinks are generally too sweet and not strong enough to give the drinkers a good buzz. I have had the bartender in the past ask for an extra shot of vodka because they don't have a lot of other drinks on tap and he is so full they have no idea what they want, so they have to order one extra shot. I also have had a bartender ask me if I needed more ice for a shot of liquor and I told him no, but that I'd need a shot of vodka instead, so the bartender told him I had the extra vodka, but had to go to the bathroom. I will never drink a drink at the "Stony Brook" bar.

It's gross and boring.

I live about an hour away from stony brook, so this is a good place to go if you like drinking and not going to school (my friend lives right next door to it and she does not like it). I can understand the people from stony brook being the ones complaining about it. This is a pretty nice bar. The bar manager was very nice and friendly. When we arrived the bartenders had a pretty good sense of humor and they were very happy with what we ordered. I think this bar is so overrated. I don't like it and I never go there. The drinks were really good. They were also reasonably priced. The food was great. Our server was very knowledgeable and she gave us great suggestions. It's the perfect place to watch a game or have a drink and enjoy some local beer! I recommend trying the beer flights. It's thailand cupid dating always good to come here for the wings. The wings are tattooed guys crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy inside. There are a few small plates that have chicken wings with chips in it. There is a huge variety of beers on tap. I ordered the BBQ wings, chicken wings, and fried chicken. My wings were cooked just perfect. I was very impressed with how accommodating the staff and food was. I've never been here for a special occasion and the restaurant was very clean and comfortable, despite the fact that the staff are very young and not that familiar with the area. I ordered the chicken wings and was disappointed chatroom irani that the sauce tasted like a cheap sauce from a restaurant. I will be back to try the burger again.

My favorite bar in the neighborhood. They have an amazing selection of beer and an incredible variety of drinks. The bar is very fun and the music is amazing. My husband and I were looking for a nice late night stop before we headed to the airport. My only complaint is that the food was very average. They have a great menu. My husband ordered the veggie burger with a side of fries. It was a good size. The fries were really good too, but the beef patty had too much sauce to the taste. Overall, a decent meal for the price. If you want something to go with your burger, this is a good place.

I'm so excited about this place. This place is like no other. I came here last night to enjoy the music and watch the sunset. The owner is super friendly and really tries to make the best food. The service was amazing and the food was amazing. We came here because it was my first time visiting oklahoma. The food was so good, that I ordered the chicken fried steak sandwich. The service was really great, and they were very attentive. It was pretty expensive at $15, but they are good at making the food. We went there after having lunch at another restaurant and prison pen pals georgia I really appreciate it. I am planning to come back here again.

Came here for a family reunion after having dinner at another restaurant that was awesome. Came here to meet friends. Had a great experience. We were all excited to go and had a great time. This place is definitely different. They do have a patio and are very clean inside. I loved the outside area. This was just as good and not half bad either. Would definitely go back if they ever got to the restaurant again.

This place is awesome. We went here with a group of friends for lunch. The food was on point, the staff was friendly, and the place is clean and neat. We really enjoyed the atmosphere here and the people in the restaurant were all super nice and nice. The waitress gave american single girls us some kind of gift which was pretty cool. Would definitely go back in the future.

Love this place. Always so accommodating. Staff is so friendly and very attentive to everyone. I came on a Friday for a dinner date with my husband and a friend. The place is clean and inviting, great service. Highly recommend.

I absolutely love this place! I love the service and ambiance. It's always very clean, especially on weekends. The prices are very reasonable. The service is outstanding. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. We are always treated well and I definitely will come back for more food.

Love this place. It is an authentic Okie's on the move! The food is very good.