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The truth about the 'bunny war' and how the 'gay lobby' is trying to suppress it: Gay marriage in the US is coming soon, and the left is trying to stop it

Who owns the US military: Is it really the 'we the people' we're fighting for, or is it the corporations and wealthy interests?

The gay lobby and 'tolerance'

The gay lobby is one of the most having a boyfriend in the army powerful political groups in the world. They can buy politicians, they can hire the most talented lawyers, they can pay for the most expensive political campaigns – but what they also do is spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get the public to support the cause of same-sex marriage. The main aim of this campaign is to convince the public that it is good for the country, not just to get a couple chatroom irani married but to make it legal for gay people to be married. The lobby has achieved this goal in America, and many of us are very happy to be part of it.

However, the truth is, this 'tolerance' campaign is a very cynical one, and it is based on lies. The lobby has been trying to silence the growing voice of a growing group of people in America who are thailand cupid dating angry at the current state of society. These people are demanding that the federal government, the army and the corporate giants of America be held to account for what they are doing to society.

The lobbying of the gay lobby and the 'tolerance' campaign is based on a lie. The reality is that gay people are discriminated against by our laws. We are not allowed to hold our own weddings, or hold a pride parade, or hold our children. Gay couples have no protection from hate crimes, and have to deal with being bullied, insulted and even attacked at tattooed guys school by the bullies themselves. Gay couples are forced to have an expensive, time-consuming legal battle every time their marriage is denied. Gay people are not protected from bullying in their schools and work places. The gay lobby wants to be a minority, and to protect their minority status, they have to resort to the vilest of attacks, bullying, and vilification of all things gay. They have to threaten us with legal action, and to make us believe that no one will ever love us. Their constant lies and demonization will force us to hate each other and do anything in our power to make the world a better place. They are the same people who want to ban us from holding a wedding, making us a second-class citizen, and putting us at a great risk. They will do anything to make us lose our rights, but it will cost them our liberty. We are not going to give them any more, and we will make sure that our voice is heard. Our love for each other, the love we feel for our fellow human beings, and our respect for all people who work hard for the greater good, will not go unnoticed.

The article that caused the gay lobby so much controversy was written by Tom Goy, a veteran. Goy was at the time a deputy chief of staff to the President, but was later removed from his position after he publicly stated that the military was "totally heterosexual." Goy continued that the "military has been a gay-friendly organization for over twenty years" which means that the military has been gay-friendly for two hundred and twenty years. This claim was refuted by the Army, but it was never proven and Goy had to come back to the subject. What was that about? Well, the gay lobby had been lobbying the military for several years to have gays allowed to serve openly, and it appears that they were successful in the past year. If the Army had not gone through this process, they might never have opened the door to gays. Goy wrote that the "homosexual movement had made it known that they wanted to allow homosexuals to serve openly. Now there was finally a chance to have them serve." What happened next? The gay lobby, and single chat online the media in general, went ballistic. Goy became "discredited" and "outed." A "full-blown gay panic" had taken place. A couple of weeks later, he was forced to retire from his post. Goy went on to be appointed to a position at a local university in Tennessee, and now spends his days "couch surfing" american single girls for his life. And, as a result of his work in the military, he "became an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights in the military." The article went on to say that "it's not just the military that's open to gays. Many universities, colleges and business in Tennessee are also doing the same." This isn't the first time Goy has taken issue with the homosexual lobby. Earlier this year, he published an article entitled, "Why Tennessee is a great place to be gay." In it, Goy wrote about the state of his home state, his experiences at the prison pen pals georgia military's new diversity center, and his feelings of being a "victim." It was, in a word, an eye-opening look into the life of a straight male. As the article stated, "My story is a cautionary tale for others who might want to leave home to be gay, especially when they are under the influence of the propaganda, but then have to deal with those same people who are openly hostile to the LGBT community." It is a tale that should be read by anyone who seeks to avoid such a situation in their own lives. As a society we should not discriminate against any individual based on his or her sexual orientation or preference.