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The military is getting into the dating game. And it's bringing us in touch with a place where chatroom irani the military isn't just a bunch of guys and gals working on the bases, but a community of individuals who share a love of duty and sacrifice. That's why I think it's so interesting to be able to hear the voices of these men prison pen pals georgia and women who are the true embodiment of what it means to be a true soldier – those who have done the work and love what they do.

I'm speaking with Army Spc. Andrew Zellner, a 26-year-old man from Texas. He is the first openly transgender person to serve in the US military, and he's sharing stories about the everyday life he and others on the force go through, to show how far the military has come in terms of acceptance for this group. The following is the audio of Zellner and his co-hosts, Army Sgt. Justin Martin and Army Spc. Jazmyn Smith, speaking with me about their experiences in the military. I asked them to explain their choice of names and pronouns, and what they have been told when they have come out in the military. The conversation started with Zellner telling me his first encounter with his first male roommate, while they were stationed in Hawaii during the summer of 2009. Zellner was stationed with a military unit of 3rd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division in Hawaii when they were deployed for Operation New Dawn, a mission to help train Iraqi forces. At first, he describes feeling unsure about how to communicate with his roommate about his sexuality, or even that he was straight. While they both felt they were being open about their sexual orientation in an effort to get a friend in the military, he was not completely sure that his roommate understood, and did not feel that his roommate was comfortable with him.

After a few months of trying to figure out how to talk to his roommate about the lack of trust he felt between them, they decided they would do the next best thing. They decided that the best way to tell their roommate about their sexuality would be by using military slang. That way, they could talk to their roommate like any normal person would, and not worry that their roommate was uncomfortable with them using slang. To start, Zellner decided to pick some words that their roommate could not pick that he could relate to, like "chick" and "boy." That way, their roommate would not feel that they were being judgmental, or trying to be "cool" or whatever. He would not be confused or feel as if he was being judged, or be uncomfortable with their choice. After some research, they decided to do some research on the military's slang. To their surprise, Zellner found that there were tons of words that had been made popular during WWII, such as "squad" or "platoon." Their roommate knew of many different military slang words and phrases, such as "buzzkill" and "punch 'em up" and "trucker." After a few months of trying to figure out how to talk to his roommate about the lack of trust he felt between them, they decided they having a boyfriend in the army would do the next best thing. They decided that the best way to show their roommate that they cared about him was to say "I love you." They had found that many soldiers had a nickname or epithet, such as "Cpl" or "Goon." To them, this meant the love of their lives. Their roommate knew of a phrase "Bin Laden." He knew that he and his family had a special bond. It was very fitting. The last few days were spent in the house, talking, playing computer games, reading books, and trying to make thailand cupid dating the best of the situation. During this time, Zellner found out that his roommate had been talking to a lot of his fellow soldiers. In one video, they heard that they were all going out to eat at a BBQ. After a couple of hours, Zellner heard his roommate saying, "I got him a sandwich." As they went on the phone to their parents, his roommate continued talking to his troops. Then they heard his roommate say, "I'm going to show you the greatest thing to happen to this world in years." Zellner was stunned. Zellner was on the other end of the tattooed guys line from his roommate, but he knew something was going to happen. That was the day that he realized that the military had taken his roommate's girlfriend as well. "It's like a real war," Zellner says.

A recent survey of thousands of soldiers revealed that while many have been drinking alcohol and smoking weed, a lot of the soldiers also smoke pot and alcohol, which some soldiers say they don't get a lot of sleep. "The problem is that the military can get you hooked," says Zellner, who works for a social services agency in Los Angeles. "It's one thing for them to talk about smoking marijuana. The military is a big marijuana market in terms of what they are selling. It's very easy for them to say, 'You're a american single girls guy who doesn't like marijuana, you need to relax.' But you can't do that if you're drinking or smoking a joint or whatever." The new book by Zellner, called "Strip Club Army: The Sexual Politics of the Military," says that soldiers in the armed single chat online forces have become addicted to alcohol and have even begun to use it to numb the pain of war. She says she's heard stories of soldiers smoking weed on the battlefield. "The military has become an extremely lucrative and addictive market," she says. The book also says that the sexual double standard and the need for "male bonding" in the military has led to soldiers using marijuana to deal with pain and emotional issues, and to make love.