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It has been reported that a woman in India named Jodhpur had sex with a man after being unable to have children and she was pregnant. According to an Indian website, she gave birth chatroom irani to a baby boy, and it was believed to be the result of a relationship with another man. When her family members learned about her relationship with the man, they took her to court. They said the girl was not being faithful and that she should not be allowed to marry the man because he had raped her. It is rumored that the court's decision was made in the presence of the man's wife and daughter. Read more about the Jodhpur case:

It's been reported that a man was convicted for having sex with a woman who was an atheist. A woman was arrested after she told police that she and the man had been having sex for over a month. He was convicted on charges of sexual assault, and is due to be sentenced this month. The charges were made in January of this year, after the couple was involved in a fight with a Muslim man. They were reported to have started a fight, and the man hit her, and then she tried to grab his phone. He punched her, then pulled her hair and tried to run her off the street. He then pulled a knife, and then tried to strangle her with his hands. She then called for help, and called 911. After her call to 911, she had a friend get on a bike, and rode off with her friend. The man has since been charged with four counts of first degree murder, four counts of attempted murder, and two counts of kidnapping. He was being held on $1 million bail at the time. We will update the article with the details as they become available. Posted by G-Man at 1:30 PM

A South Carolina police officer has been suspended after he was arrested and charged with killing a pregnant woman who was found shot to death in her apartment on Wednesday. Police said Officer Eric D. Wilson fired the fatal shot in the apartment where a woman, identified as 36-year-old Tanya Washington, had been shot multiple times. Washington's body was found inside her apartment on the 800 block of East Main Street, about one mile away from where she was found Thursday morning. Her boyfriend was in jail Thursday, charged with attempted murder, arson and aggravated burglary in the woman's death, police said. A family member identified her as 35-year-old Brittany C. Washington. Police also said Wilson told investigators he was in the apartment at the time the shooting occurred, and that he had fired one shot. He did not tell officers when he shot the fatal shot. But the investigation does not show a struggle, and authorities are trying to determine what led up to the shooting. In his affidavit, Wilson, 34, said he was working at the time and had a job interview. He told investigators he saw a gun on the bedside table and then heard a loud "crack" and felt a bump on his hip. He fired at least five times, the report states. He is charged with first-degree murder, and in a statement of charges he claimed he fired his weapon because he believed the suspect was pointing a weapon at him. But in court Thursday, Wilson, a member of the police department for six years, said he was shot while investigating a dispute single chat online between the suspect and a man he described as his girlfriend's brother, according to the report. The report says he was at the home on a domestic disturbance call from his girlfriend's brother on Wednesday when he heard a loud noise in the house. He went tattooed guys in and found the suspect holding a rifle. When he approached the gun, Wilson told investigators, the suspect "shoved it away and began shouting that the victim was a 'black b-.' "

A woman who had been in a car with the suspect that night said she saw the suspect fire a pistol several times into the air, the report says. The victim, who is white, told authorities she was terrified and drove her car over a large concrete barrier near the residence. She also said that when she got out of the car, the suspect pointed a rifle at her, the report says.

Wilson told police that he was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time he fired, according to the report. When Wilson left the house he discovered that his vehicle had been stolen and that the suspect had fled on foot. Wilson said he followed the suspect prison pen pals georgia to a vacant lot in a nearby town and chased him there. He said he shot and killed the suspect.

The victim and Wilson were the last people to see the suspect alive. The investigation was still ongoing Friday. "We are taking this matter very seriously," the Miami-Dade Police Department said in a statement. The suspect is described as a black male in his 30s or early 40s, weighing 200 pounds, with shoulder-length hair. He was wearing dark sunglasses, a green hooded sweatshirt, a blue shirt with a large "MVV" logo on the front, a green vest, black pants and black shoes.