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The main page of www milatry contains the latest news about the army. It includes the following news: NEWS: Army recruits increase by 14% in the past year. NEWS: Army will start recruiting women in January 2018. NEWS: Army will hire the first female officer in a century and the first woman in a rank of colonel. NEWS: Army plans to reduce the number of women in the Army from 2% to 1% in the next 5 years, making the Army as much a male dominated institution as the Air Force. NEWS: Soldiers in the Army are more likely to have had their first date in a nightclub. NEWS: Air Force will have the largest fleet of planes of any US military. NEWS: The Army has announced that they are going to be changing their name to the United States Army Reserve. NEWS: The Army will be adding the following programs to their base budget: the "Warrior's Boot Camp," which focuses on training soldiers for combat and marksmanship, "Field Readiness Training," which focuses on improving their physical fitness, "Fiscal Responsibility," which emphasizes a fiscal responsibility and budgeting and "Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance" and "Equipment, Supplies and Support for Special Operations" in order to "improve our ability to support our special thailand cupid dating operations forces around the world." (source) NEWS: In the Army, the Army Physical Fitness Test is now a requirement for all new recruits and it is currently the only physical fitness test required for recruits to enlist. NEWS: The "Armed Forces Qualification Test" is no longer required and has been replaced by a physical fitness test called "the Physical Fitness Test." NEWS: For a total of 21 new jobs, only about a quarter of the total positions are advertised. NEWS: On a typical Friday, the Air Force posts its last 2 vacancies. NEWS: This year, the Air Force will reduce its hiring rate by 3.4 percent. NEWS: Last year, there were 2,814 job openings in the US Air Force, with only single chat online 940 full-time openings available. NEWS: The Air Force's job openings fell by 20 percent from last year, but that was a record high. NEWS: A new report shows the number of active duty service members in the US military rose by 3,200 in 2015, according to US military. NEWS: The US military has a total of prison pen pals georgia more than 70,000 troops. NEWS: Air Force wants to recruit 100,000 new service members a year. The service has also started hiring new members to work in its Air Force Reserve program. NEWS: Former military officer is found to have killed his wife in his sleep. NEWS: Two women have been charged in the slaying of their former boyfriend in North Carolina. NEWS: Pentagon to spend $1 billion on its new nuclear submarines. NEWS: FEMA says two more deaths, one in Tennessee, in the past 24 hours. NEWS: Three men, one woman, charged in the beating death of the suspect in the recent Boston Marathon bombing case. NEWS: Two men charged in the fatal stabbing in Seattle. NEWS: 3 dead, 7 wounded in double shooting in Cleveland. NEWS: Woman dies, another in custody after police chase and shootout in Atlanta. NEWS: Suspect in a shooting and stabbing has died. NEWS: Wichita, Kan., police officer killed. NEWS: Police chase ends in shooting. NEWS: chatroom irani Inmates escape from Louisiana prison after being freed. NEWS: Prison guard shot in shooting in Alabama. NEWS: having a boyfriend in the army Wichita officer in tattooed guys critical condition after officer-involved shooting. NEWS: Police investigate shooting in South Carolina. NEWS: New York man arrested for shooting at ex-wife. NEWS: Woman is shot to death in Florida. NEWS: Man shoots himself after shooting his ex-girlfriend. NEWS: Shootings in two states. NEWS: Man kills himself after stabbing his wife. NEWS: Man shoots his wife to death. NEWS: Woman shot in the head in New York, then decapitated. The military has a long history of women in the military who became wives, or even wives of men they dated. In a lot of cases this was an open secret. You would hear about it. But there were also cases where the soldiers were told not to tell their girlfriends. In the case of the two women from New York I can only think of two women who were told that their friends would be sent to fight for the US. The first woman, who was an officer, was a very smart and very pretty woman who was very ambitious and in a very committed relationship with her superior. This is what she told her friend about her plans to marry and have a family. Her friend said she would be OK with it, as she didn't want to be a burden. The second woman, a sergeant in the Navy, was the mother of a daughter. She had a very different perspective on the situation. She knew she was going to go to war. Her mother, after telling her daughter the truth, was horrified and told her she was an idiot for thinking that. She didn't want to see her go to war. She went with her mother to the Army recruiting office and told the recruiter she had a daughter in the Army. He was shocked by the response, but said it was not a big deal. He didn't seem upset that it was a daughter, but he did tell her to talk to her mother about the truth. He also talked her through a list of options. They didn't know how to contact her in England, and she had no idea about her mother in England. She was just trying to figure out how to tell her mom. Her mom was in the US and was very upset about her leaving, as she had made a lot of sacrifices for her son and daughter. Her mother went into hiding.