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yuma young marines

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Yuma young marines Profile Blog Joined October 2005 Canada 809 Posts #18 I'm a marine. I'm 23, not exactly an adult yet, but I'm gonna be a real tattooed guys adult when I get my masters american single girls and start to have children. I am going to be a dad!

TheCuriousOne Profile Joined May 2008 United States 11 Posts Last Edited: 2011-03-28 01:24:43 thailand cupid dating #19 On March 28 2011 05:03 Mvp wrote:

The most annoying part about all the threads like this are the people who call you a faggot. I'm not saying you are. I don't like to talk about my sexual orientation having a boyfriend in the army because that can be a trigger for a lot of people. My personal experience has been that most men I've dated have been much more tolerant of my sexuality than the average man.

It's kind of a joke now, since you seem to think I'm some sort of anti-gay, homophobic nut job.

In fact, it's kind of interesting to see how often people get offended when you reference them in an actual thread (which is usually more than I'm allowed in these forums). I actually find it hilarious when people start using "anti-gay" and "faggot" to describe me, because it shows the ridiculous level of ignorance some people have. For example, here are some reactions I got from someone I know about the gay community. (He/she is not a part of this thread, but I'm only using their words to show his/her point of view.)

When you say "gay" they usually don't like it. For example, this man in this thread (and prison pen pals georgia the ones below) was offended when I referred to them as "gay" and "gay people". He then said "I thought you hated them?" and "why did you even want to talk about them?" He was pretty upset. Here is some of the things he said about my post (which I can't post here because it's a private thread):

"Why don't you just be normal and let the gay people go? What's the problem? They are the ones that get all the attention."

"You should have just let them be gay! We are a community and they are not."

"You are such an ignorant piece of shit. I don't see the point of your post. I mean the reason you said "Gay" and "gay people" is because you don't like how the rest of us are behaving! We don't want to be seen as weird, we just want to live a normal life. We are not the people they are trying to "protect" us from."

"I just don't get how we can be friends with a bunch of homosexuals. You know what I think about that. They are fucking disgusting. And you know what, they don't deserve to have friends with me. You should have just let them be. We are all different. Some single chat online people are better than others. So it's up to us as a group. That's all."

"I think it's wrong for all of us to have the same values as one another and not all people should have equal rights in our society."

"People have the right to disagree with you, even if you disagree with them, because that's what this country was founded on."

"It's hard for some people to understand that they're not better than anybody else because they're born different."

"I don't think anyone wants a leader who thinks like they do, except maybe an ape or a hippo."

"The best way to teach your kids what to think is to expose them to people that are different. This is the best way to develop compassion. Not in the same way as compassion, but in a way that teaches tolerance and understanding, and makes you an understanding person. There's no such thing as perfect children. They all have different gifts, different qualities, and different qualities that they bring to the table, but they're all unique."

"We don't judge, we learn. If it weren't for education, people wouldn't have anything to learn. Even when it comes to learning how to use language."

"I think the real reason people don't get along is because people don't like other people with different thoughts, because they think it's rude."

"The world is too big for us to go through it all. What if we all got together and made the best of the situation?"

"If you're ever in a situation like that, make sure you don't blame someone else for the situation. We're all human beings."

"People often feel that they have to apologize because they've been hurt. You don't have to apologize if someone has hurt you. I know it's hard to say but, even if you are hurt, it's OK to be hurt. We don't apologize for our friends, or ourselves."

"We do our best. We try our hardest not to make the situation worse. It's not easy, but if you're in the right place at the right time, you can make it so that no one is hurt. There are a lot of things to do in this world and a lot of people to worry about. We're all part of the team. There are things we can do to help the others as well, but it's not easy. You have to keep moving forward and doing your best."

Yuma was looking out the window. The moon was shining brightly, but the night still had a gray hue about it. It was dark outside, but the chatroom irani stars were still out and the moon was only about half full. She was on the balcony of her house, watching the sky over the town. "Do you remember the time that we were fighting against this demon, I guess?"

"Mama," Yuma started, her voice low and soft.

"No, Yuma," Risa said. "It's a memory. I'm sure the memories are different now, and we don't have any of the memories of what you and the others saw. You didn't feel anything from the demons when they attacked. No fear.